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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

LED light source


Excelitas Technologies® Corp. will showcase the new XLMiiTM LED Fiber Optic Light Source for medical applications  at SPIE Photonics West 2016 in San Francisco, 13-18 February.

The XLMiiTMis designed to provide superior performance and easy customization to address medical device OEMs' requirements while simplifying integration of LED light sources into endoscopic and other medical systems.

The Excelitas XLMii Fiber Optic Light Source features pre-designed, configurable components that can be quickly and easily adapted to specific customer requirements for electronic control and mechanical interfaces. As a result, product design time for the most critical medical lighting requirements can be significantly reduced, allowing for shorter time-to-market.

Configurable components include different fiber interfaces (i.e. turret or direct light guide coupling), optics, fan and heat sink, light output characteristics (xenon-equivalent output and high CRI sources), housing, and control electronics.

Key features include:

  • High lumen output equivalent to xenon performance
  • Up to 92 CRI for optimal color rendering
  • Adaptable platform allowing for mechanical, optical and electrical customization to increase speed to market and reduce design costs
  • Compact size and low profile for easy integration
  • Integrated turret or direct coupling for easy fiber connection
  • Flexible electronic controls without firmware to minimize testing
  • Adjustable intensity control ─ pulsed width modulation (PWM), direct current control, or both
  • Configurable sheet metal frame to adapt easily to any customer housing
  • Extended service life and exceptional energy efficiency

Excelitas' new XLMii Fiber Optic LED Light Source is designed for integration into endoscopy, surgical microscopy, surgical headlamp and other medical devices where LED light sources are replacing xenon technology due to their longer life and lower-cost maintenance.