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Lasers & Sources

Femtosecond disk laser


At SPIE Photonics West 2016 in San Francisco, 13-18 February, Jenoptik will introduce a 16-W version of its established JenLas® femto series for industrial micro-machining.

The JenLas® femto 16 features a pulse energy up to 80 microjoules, a free and quickly adjustable pulse repetition rate from 100 to 510 kilohertz, single shot ability, an internal SHG option (THG on request) and reliable operation at up to 35°C ambient temperature.

The performance of this femtosecond laser is ideal for drilling injection nozzles and also provides a high productivity in cutting and structuring processes, at higher material removal rates compared to picosecond pulses.

The Yb-doped laser's typical pulse width of 550 femtoseconds facilitates processes such as:

  • non-thermal ablation of nearly all materials (damage- and burr-free processing of Polymers, NiTi, etc.)
  • nonlinear absorption in transparent materials (efficient machining of Sapphire or Glass)
  • material-selective ablation in multi-layer systems
  • inner marking of transparent materials
  • scribing of invisible pre-determined break lines