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Optoelectronics & Communications

InGaAs PIN photodiodes

Marktech Optoelectronics

Marktech Optoelectronics will feature their new high-speed InGaAs PIN photodiode packages at SPIE Photonics West 2016 in San Francisco, 13-18 February.

These InGaAs PIN diode standard packages feature a TO-46 metal can with active areas of 1.0mm and 1.5mm with additional active areas available.

With a wavelength range of 800nm - 1750nm, Marktech's InGaAs PIN photo diodes are near-infrared detectors featuring low noise, high sensitivity, high reliability, and high-speed response.

These new photo diodes offer considerable speed improvements in addition to increased light current response over the existing product offerings, a crucial benefit for applications like optical switches and chemical analysis for medical and diagnostic purposes.

Marktech offers InGaAs PIN photo detectors in standard high-reliability TO-46 metal can packages as well as custom package options. Additional testing and sorting is also available through their onsite testing lab located in Marktech's New York headquarters.