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Lasers & Sources

Green lasers

Photonics Industries

Photonics Industries (PI) developed high efficiency Q-switched, intracavity second harmonic Nd:YLF green pump lasers back in 1993. PI now introduces their new DS-527-25, the highest pulse energy Single-Mode (TEM00) Nd: YLF green laser in a single polarization, commercially available:

  • 25mJ @ 1 KHz
  • 45W @ 5 KHz
  • Beam Quality TEM00 - M2 < 1.2
  • Single Shot to 10KHz

Furthermore, this high pulse energy is scalable to 50mJ with the DS-527-25 in a dual head configuration for applications ranging from ultra-fast Ti:Sapphire amplifier pumping and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) to diamond scribing.

This High Pulse Energy Single-Mode YLF Laser is a natural extension to our multimode DM Series product line where PI previously released our DM100-527, the Highest Pulse Energy 100mJ green YLF Laser available, which is scalable to 200mJ in a dual head configuration. A UV version of this high pulse energy Single-Mode TEM00 Nd:YLF laser delivering ~10mJ @ 351nm is currently under development.