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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Scanning electron microscope


JEOL USA introduces a new entry-level, high-performance, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope.

The new JSM-7200F is an FE SEM with ultra-high spatial resolution of 1.6nm at 1.0kV and high probe current of 300nA. This versatile, user-friendly FE SEM is a compact system designed for easy installation and operation.

Featuring through-the-lens detectors that can collect a variety of signals by varying the built-in energy filter, the JSM-7200F produces a large amount of data in a very short amount of time. For the fast-paced manufacturing environment the JSM-7200F is a high throughput easy-to-use FE SEM. For the research environment, it offers the analyst a wide variety of contrast mechanisms. Seamless observation and analysis using EDS, WDS, EBSD, STEM, BSE, and CL can be conducted easily and efficiently.

The JSM-7200F is an all-in-one SEM designed for any type of sample or analysis, including magnetic samples, non-conducting materials, biological specimens, and semiconductor devices. It is the latest addition to JEOL's Field Emission SEM family, which includes the JSM-7800F PRIME with unmatched extreme high resolution and low and high kV (7Å at both 1.0kV and 15kV) operation.

When integrated with Gatan 3View® Serial Block Face Imaging System, the JSM-7200F is ideal for neuroscience applications or any other 3D tomography imaging application.

A new Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer designed for JEOL FE SEMs and microprobes allows efficient and parallel collection of very low energy-rays (WDS) with chemical state analysis.

The JSM-7200F offers the best resolution in its class for an entry level Field Emission SEM with a wide variety of analytical functions, fast acquisition with minimum beam dwell time, and a user-friendly interface for a multi-user environment with remote operation and diagnostics.