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Optical Design & Engineering

Low-scatter parabolic mirrors

Optical Surfaces Ltd.

Optical Surfaces Ltd. announces precision manufactured low scatter off-axis parabolic mirrors that are designed to focus or collimate broadband light.

Unlike standard parabolic mirrors, off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors direct and focus incident collimated light at a specific angle, allowing unrestricted access to the focal point. Commonly these mirrors are used as collimators in Schlieren, MTF and FLIR systems, high power laser focusing, focusing upon astronomical objects, beam expansion and bore sight alignment for missile guidance systems.

Working with high-quality optical glasses - Optical Surfaces Ltd. routinely produces OAP from 60mm to 600 mm in diameter. Benefiting from a uniquely stable manufacturing environment, and a highly skilled team of engineers and craftsmen, Optical Surfaces is able to manufacture OAPs with surface accuracy to lambda/20 (peak-to-valley) depending upon off-axis angles.

Using proprietary polishing techniques Optical Surfaces can, depending on the surface accuracy required, achieve the natural limit to the off-axis angle of around 25-30 degrees and surface micro-roughness of less than 1 nm. A range of coatings is available from metallic with or without protective overcoat to multilayer dielectrics and ultra hard coatings to suit all applications.