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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Piezo mirror tilting system

piezosystem jena

The tilting mirror system series PKS 1 from piezosystem jena has been developed for fast and fine mirror adjustment. Available for ½-inch and 1-inch mirrors, the system is designed for flexible use. Especially for laser beam stabilization the series PKS can be integrated into the beam line easily.

The compact design and the high stiffness are a perfect premise for dynamic applications. Laser beam steering can be realized nearly in real time.

The piezo driven range of fine adjustment of 1mrad can be offset in a range of ±2° by using the fine-thread thumb screws. The controlling voltage range is -20V to 130V. The resolution of the accuracy is dependant upon the noise level of the applied control signal. Cable configuration can be changed for OEM applications upon request. The series PKS is adaptable to vacuum conditions.