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Illumination & Displays

Transparent conductive film


Canatu, a manufacturer of next generation transparent conductive films and touch sensors, announces a new generation of high optical transmittance CNBTM (Carbon NanoBud®) transparent conductive films.

Canatu's Generation 6 CNBTM Film boasts significantly improved light transmittance. With zero haze, zero reflectance and high transmittance, CNB films offer high-level optical performance and provide high contrast displays with great outdoor readability.

Canatu's Generation 6 CNB Films have 95% optical transmittance at a sheet resistivity of 100 ohms/square and 97% at 150 ohms/square. Earlier this year, Canatu introduced a super-thin, flexible 23 um CNB Flex Film, with a 1% change in sheet resistivity after 150 000 bends at 2 mm radius.

With improved light transmittance vs resistivity characteristics, CNBTM Films can now be used in a wide range of touch applications, including larger displays and single-layer touch devices with totally invisible patterns. Combining award-winning optics with extreme flexibility and thinness, Canatu's films are especially suited for wearable and flexible devices such as next-generation foldable smart phones and tablets.

Canatu's transparent conductive film portfolio consists of CNBTM Hi-Contrast Film optimized for flat projected capacitive touch devices, CNBTM Flex Film optimized for wearable, flexible and foldable touch-enabled electronics devices and CNBTM In-Mold Film optimized for formable 3D capacitive touch surfaces.