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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Megapixel lens series


Kowa´s new JCM-V series is made for use in high vibration and high shock environments. With a design based on Kowa´s standard 2/3 inch JC1MS lenses, this new ruggedized megapixel lens series is ideal for applications that require increased durability and high optical performance.
In high precision applications, for example manufacturing assembly lines, robotics vision systems and production surveillance imaging engineers need high quality lenses for large optical sensor formats and small pixel sizes to avoid dark edges while using the whole resolution provided by the imaging sensor.

Kowas JCM-V series was designed for megapixel applications requiring a sensor size of 2/3" (Ø 11mm) or smaller. Another key design feature of this series is, that all internal glass elements of Kowa's ruggedized megapixel lenses are glued, allowing for a highly stable optical axis and perfect adjustment. The unique mechanical design guards against strong vibration and shock while a two-way reversible nut is utilised to tightly lock the focus adjustment ring in place. Instead of mechanical iris diaphragms with moving blades, attachable interchangeable iris plates are used to select the F-stop.

With an acceleration durability of up to 5G and a vibration frequency from 10 to 500Hz for a maximum of 180 minutes, the JCM-V series is the new standard for anti-vibration and high-shock lenses. Available with a focal length of 8, 12, 16, 25, 35 and 50mm and a center/corner resolution of 100/80 lp/mm using C-Mount, the lenses can have customized features to fit application requirements.