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Lasers & Sources

High-power laser

Power Technology

Power Technology, Inc. launched it's new high-power laser at SPIE Photonics West 2015, 7-12 February in San Francisco.

Appropriately dubbed the "Grande," the laser adds to an already broad offering by the company. While most lasers offer milliwatt power levels, the Grande goes as high as 20 watts.

Controlled by internal microprocessor, Grande Laser is suited for analytical, research, 3D printing, and machine vision applications. LCD provides users safety status as well as real-time information on power current settings and internal temperature. Drive current and bias settings are user controllable with 12 bits of resolution (4,096 steps). With typical input of 5 Vdc, or 8 Vdc for blue and green lasers, Grande uses passive cooling for circuitry and laser.