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Sensing & Measurement

Handheld terahertz accessory

Advanced Photonix

Advanced Photonix, Inc.® announces the introduction of the T-Gauge® SPG (single-point gauge), an addition to the T-Ray® 5000 product family. This handheld accessory is targeted at measuring material thickness for quality control in the aerospace and nondestructive testing markets.

The T-Gauge® SPG is designed for at-line manufacturing environments and makes use of terahertz properties to nondestructively penetrate many opaque materials to allow measurement of layer thickness. The T-Gauge® SPG can make layer thickness measurements with the pull of a trigger in single or multi-layer products made from a wide variety of materials such as plastics, rubber, paper, paint and other coatings.

The T-Gauge® SPG provides layer thickness resolution that surpasses that of other measurement tools. With a simplified user interface, the same tool can measure multiple product configurations, and with a variety of tips, even hard to access locations can be examined.

The handheld tool is connected to a T-Ray® 5000 intelligent terahertz control unit (TCU) that provides the optoelectronics that drive the T-Gauge® SPG. The industrially ruggedized T-Ray® 5000 TCU meets the high standards of speed and accuracy required for high-volume manufacturing as well as the advanced research laboratory (UL and CE marked). The T-Gauge® SPG has been designed to meet the high standards of precision, portability, and ruggedness set by the T-Ray® 5000.

The T-Gauge® SPG will be demonstrated at SPIE Photonics West 2015, 7-12 February in San Francisco.