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Lasers & Sources

FemtoFiber dichro design bioMP


TOPTICA's FemtoFiber dichro design bioMP is a completely new approach for nonlinear microscopy. The all-fiber laser provides sub-100 fs pulses from one aperture at 780 nm (> 100 mW) and 1030 nm (> 200 mW).

Thanks to the special design the laser creates an additional virtual excitation line at 888 nm. This allows exciting all conventional fluorescent markers used for two-photon excitation fluorescence (TPEF) microscopy including GFP.

As the system provides all three wavelengths at the same time, it allows performing live-cell multicolor 2-photon imaging with two or three excitation wavelengths simultaneously.

Special features

  • Variable time delay for the two wavelengths with semi-automatic adjustment for perfect time overlap right at the sample position
  • Virtual 3rd wavelength (888 nm) at the sample for two-photon excitation by temporal and spatial overlap of the two colors
  • Adjustable beam divergence for 780 nm output for compensating chromatic aberration effects at microscope focus
  • Two control units, one for each color: Outputs can be switched on/off independently

TOPTICA will showcase the FemtoFiber dichro design bioMP at SPIE Photonics West, 7-12 February in San Francisco.