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Sensing & Measurement

GigE vision cameras


On display at the Photonfocus both at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco will be the Double Rate camera series, the DR1-D1312 (I/IE)-G2, which feature CMOS image sensors and use only one data cable.

The Double Rate camera series DR1-D1312(I/IE)-G2 is based on the Photonfocus A1312, A1312I and A1312IE CMOS image sensors with LinLog® technology. The Double-Rate cameras are nearly 100% faster than standard GigE cameras and use only one data cable (no link-aggregation). The Photonfocus A1312 CMOS sensors with a full well capacity (FWC) of 90 ke- are optimized for high dynamic range applications and a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The cameras have the GigE interface (GigEVision).

The cameras are available in monochrome, color, and NIR-enhanced and feature 1-inch global shutter Photonfocus A1312, A1312I, and A1312IE CMOS image sensors, which feature a pixel size of 8 µm and achieve a frame rate of 135 fps at full resolution.

The GigE Vision-compliant cameras feature a configurable region of interest mode, up to 512 regions of interest, image correction, two look-up tables, and a constant frame rate independent of exposure time. In addition, the cameras are compatible with HALCON, LabVIEW, and NorPix machine vision software.

SPIE Photonics West takes place 7-12 February in San Francisco.