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Lasers & Sources

Polygon scan head

Lincoln Laser

HyperSCANTM from Lincoln Laser offers the accuracy of a galvo scan head at POLYGON speeds of hundreds of meters per second.

Developed for ULTRAFAST PS & FS lasers as well as high power lasers used in thin film,raster scan and micromachining at high removal rates with low surface roughness. HyperSCANTM can reduce manufacturing leadtimes as well as costs while optimizing systems' performance and reliability.

Lincoln Laser will demonstrate the polygon laser scanning head SPIE Photonics West 2015, February 10-12 in San Francisco, California.


  • Perfect for high speed perforations
  • Superior design with high speed performance
  • Excellent solution for surface texturing applications
  • Ideal for 3D inspection, reverse engineering and thin film solar
  • Excels as scan head for robotics, metrology and other optical applications
  • Ultimate solution for Computed Tomography, Coordinate Measuring Machines or high volume inspection


  • Very high scan rates up to 200 m/s
  • Provides line scanning and slow axisindexing
  • Raster based data input
  • Optical error correction in X and Y axis
  • Extremely high scan positioning accuracy
  • Optional dual galvanometers in standard offering


  • Provides scan rates for current and leading edge
  • scanning applications
  • Optimal scanning efficiency while offering leading edge high speed application versatility
  • Industry standard input format for fast & easy start upwith minimal costs
  • Resolution of <3μm and repeatability of <± 10μm in theX axis and <± 20μm in the Y axis for max performance
  • Resolution of <3μm and repeatability of <± 10μm in theX axis and <± 20μm in the Y axis are possible for reliable performance
  • Provides optimal flexibility for multiple applications inboth the X and Y axis