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Sensing & Measurement

Diagnostic LSPR sensor


LambdaGen's high sensitivity diagnostic LSPR sensors enable rapid tests that deliver precise quantitative results into the femtomolar range in a direct single-step Plasmonic Assay. All with a single drop of precious sample such as blood, urine, or saliva.

Rapid Point-of-Care tests are among the most widely used diagnostic technologies due to their ease of use and cost effectiveness. However, they often fall short in terms of sensitivity and precise quantitation.

LamdaGen's patent-pending Digital LSPR Plasmonic Platform accelerates modern diagnostic development with smart, ultra-sensitive and precisely quantitative diagnostic solutions for single or multi-analyte testing.

The platform is designed around the Company's patented nano-structured metallic thin-film sensors which LamdaGen licenses to diagnostic companies for integration into their exisiting product lines and/or advanced systems under development.