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Illumination & Displays

LED light engines

Philips Lumileds

Philips Lumileds announces the Matrix Platform including the Luxeon XR and XF family of modular LED light engines that consist of LEDs mounted on rigid or flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) as a building-block product for solid-state lighting (SSL) developers.

Lumileds, and others in the SSL industry, refer to such PCB-based products as Level 2 products differentiating the customer engagement from Level 1 products or individual packaged LEDs.

The initial Luxeon Matrix products target troffers and other linear applications. Packaged LEDs are increasingly difficult for some lighting manufacturers to work with at the component level. Both mid-power LEDs and high-power devices in flip-chip or chip-scale packages (CSPs) require automated assembly on high-end surface-mount device (SMD) production lines. Indeed, when Lumileds first pioneered the CSP LED last year, the company said many customers would buy products that use the LED in a Level 2 engagement with the LEDs already mounted on a PCB, thereby simplifying both the product development and manufacturing processes.

The Matrix Platform is meant to offer the aforementioned benefits in form factors that are optimized for specific applications.

The initial Matrix press release covered specifically the off-the-shelf XR and XF families that use Lumileds mid-power Luxeon 3535 LEDs. The Luxeon XF-3535L product family features a single row of LED components mounted on a flexible PCB in strip fashion for applications ranging from cove lighting to T8 LED tubes. The Luxeon XR-3535L products feature rigid PCBs with a by-3 arrangement of LEDs with two series of components mounted parallel to one another. The XR products target applications ranging from ceiling troffers to outdoor area lights.

The XF series comes in far more configurations for now with CCT ranging from 2200K to 5700K and module lengths of 300, 525, 600, or 1150 mm. At 2700K flux output varies from 1080-3240 lm across 300-600-mm versions of the product. Efficacy varies broadly with CCT from 112-157 lm/W.