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Optical Design & Engineering

Measuring lenses

Edmund Optics

The TECHSPEC® Silver Series Telecentric Measuring Lenses from Edmund Optics offer a compact, cost-effective solution for replacing standard fixed focal length lenses. Telecentric lenses are ideal for both on-line and off-line machine vision production environments that require accurate measurements.

Edmund Optics has designed this series of machine vision lenses to specifically replace lenses that give inaccurate or inconsistent readings. Telecentric lenses correct perspective errors that yield variations in magnification through the depth of field.

The TECHSPEC Silver Series telecentric measuring lenses are available in 0.5X, 0.75X, and 2.0X primary magnifications (and up to 4.0X) with in-line illumination. The lenses-which were added due to direct customer requests for incorporating the illumination path through the lens-feature a non-focusing mechanical design with lockable, adjustable iris control for long term stability on factory inspection lines.

The compact lenses are suitable for use in measurement and gauging applications in both on-line and off-line machine vision applications.