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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

CCD Cameras

Andor Technology

Andor Technology announces the launch of the iKon-M SY and Newton SY series of CCD cameras. These ‘standalone' light tight detectors offer -100°C deep cooling optimised for the soft X-ray region. The light tight Beryllium window is only 200 microns thick giving an 8% increase in transmission at 3 keV over industry-standard 250 micron windows.

These detectors are the cameras of choice for high energy applications that require direct detection of low flux soft X-ray [<2.5 keV to >20 keV] with high spatial resolution, rapid readout iKon-M (5 MHz) and Newton platforms (2 MHz). The 200 micron thick Beryllium window blocks all unwanted lower energies and visible wavelengths with minimal beam hardening.

Typical applications include Soft X-ray Imaging and X-ray Fluorescence [XRF]. The detectors are fully integrated and supported in a range of third party software using Andor's SDK, including MATLab, LABView and EPICs. They can also be operated with Andor's own standalone software interface, SOLIS.