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Optical Design & Engineering

Bernard Kress IYL Presentation: Optical Technologies at Google for a Brighter Future

A presentation from the International Year of Light opening ceremony in Paris.

23 February 2015, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/3.201502.13

Bernard Kress has made significant scientific contributions as a researcher, professor, consultant, advisor, instructor, and author in the field of micro- and nano-optics, for research, industry and consumer electronics. He has been involved in several startups in the Silicon Valley, on optical data storage,  optical telecom, optical sensors, novel displays and digital imaging systems.

Kress holds numerous patents related to optical systems and technologies, has published extensively. An SPIE Fellow, Kress is a short course instructor for SPIE on micro-optics, diffractive optics, and wafer-scale optics.

He is currently with Google [X] working on the Google Glass project as the Principal Optical Architect.