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Multimedia presentations: Hot Topics from SPIE Photonics Europe 2018

Covering a variety of topics, these presentations by innovators in optics and photonics are a highlight of the symposium.

SPIE CEO Kent Rochford

SPIE's new CEO Kent Rochford, formerly of NIST, stepped into his new role 1 June. We asked Rochford to discuss his views on SPIE and the world of optics and photonics.

11 June 2018

The key to discovery, says John Mather of NASA Goddard, is being open to new opportunities.

1 May 2018

Our fascination with the concept of alien life drives scientists and civilians alike to explore.

19 April 2018

A new regime of science at exawatts and zeptoseconds.

16 April 2018

VCSEL technology is finding applications in consumer electronics and more.

9 April 2018
Quantum Tech_cover of SPIE Pro

Devices using quantum technologies are reaching milestones.

6 April 2018
SPIE hails US National Quantum Initiative legislation
Program intends to accelerate US quantum research and development – promising many opportunities for photonics technologies.
15 June 2018
Sofradir and ULIS reorganize structure to boost efficiency
But no job cuts or closures planned for France-based supplier of infrared systems for military, aerospace and commercial markets.
15 June 2018
Volvo tech fund backs Luminar's lidar
First strategic investment by the auto firm’s new tech fund goes to the California-headquartered developer of high-performance lidar systems.
14 June 2018
SPIE Astro 2018: world’s largest solar telescope nearing completion
Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope should be up and running next year.
13 June 2018
MIT/Technion team develops novel light-matter interaction
Reducing wavelength of light could allow it to be selectively absorbed/emitted by semiconductor, promising better solar cells, tunable emitters.
13 June 2018
Irene Georgakoudi: Optical, label-free, morphofunctional metabolic imaging

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04 June 2018

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06 April 2018