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Photonics steps up for Cancer Moonshot effort

A decade's worth of advances in five years is the goal of the photonics community and partners, working on imaging, diagnostics and data management.

Beam combination of non-collinear inputs in a diamond Raman amplifier enables generation of high brightness, wavelength-shifted laser beams for high-power applications.
29 September 2016
Nuclear spins in diamond can store photonic information with high fidelity and have coherence times that exceed 10s, making diamond potentially useful as a node in quantum communications.
27 September 2016
Robotic ‘tongues’ that have continuous and compliant backbones enable robots to grasp objects that are otherwise difficult or infeasible to capture when using parallel jaw grippers.
26 September 2016
Fundamental and robust pre-processing of cranial computed tomography exams enables algorithms for automatic analysis and interpretation of diagnostic images in acute stroke.
22 September 2016
A novel dark-field Mueller-matrix spectroscopic system facilitates the recording of complete polarization information from a single isolated plasmonic nanorod.
21 September 2016
Attosecond laser lab under construction in Sweden
László Veisz and colleagues move cutting-edge system from Max Planck Institute in Garching to Umeå University.
30 September 2016
S+D 2016: New approaches to hyperspectral imaging
Pollution monitoring by remote MIR camera and improved image gathering by new "gimballed" systems, were described.
29 September 2016
L’Oréal and Poietis target laser-printed hair follicle
Exclusive research partnership between the cosmetics giant and French bioprinting start-up focuses on ‘hair engineering’.
29 September 2016
Martin Schultze: Attosecond spectroscopy tracks electron dynamics

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