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A smarter view of the ear with chemical imaging
Imaging techniques based on autofluorescence and reflectance offer objective diagnosis of middle-ear pathological conditions.
A new round-robin differential-phase-shift protocol for quantum key distribution is designed to prevent, rather than detect, eavesdropping.
1 December 2015
A new imaging technique uses force detection of optical excitations to generate maps of molecules and materials with nanometer resolution.
27 November 2015
Femtosecond lasers enable the local modification of the composition of glass, allowing the generation of high-contrast refractive microstructures for advanced optical applications.
26 November 2015
A technique based on computational photography enables camera sensors to reset when there is excess light in the field of view, protecting the resultant image from the effects of overexposure.
24 November 2015
Deep-seated lithospheric folding can be revealed using a method that combines gravity inversion calculations and isostatic analyses.
23 November 2015
Samsung Ventures invests in Amplitude Laser Group
French maker of ultrafast solid-state lasers to develop solutions for global consumer electronics giant.
1 December 2015
Cascade laser systems set to ramp, says analyst Tematys
Cascade laser systems set to ramp, says analyst Tematys
1 December 2015
Sales and profit up at Gooch & Housego
Stock trades close to record high after positive results from the UK-headquartered photonics company.
1 December 2015
Michael Liehr: Industry and university collaboration is key element in AIM Photonics

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