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3D printing in space could have repercussions in manufacturing, machining, and space exploration.

26 April 2017
A new silicon waveguide device provides high-performance, ultra-broadband on-chip beamsplitting with a very compact footprint.
25 April 2017
New gold/titanium dioxide photonic band gap semiconductor materials with an inverse opal structure are promising photocatalysts for solar hydrogen production.
24 April 2017

Space technologies find their place in healthcare applications. (An SPIE Professional article.)

20 April 2017
The modulation and allocation of optimized multiplexed subcarriers in short-range data networks, based on a directly modulated bandwidth-limited optical source, enables the transfer of 25Gb/s over 20km of fiber.
18 April 2017
Tailored UV-curable inorganic-organic hybrid polymers are experimentally assessed for two-photon absorption lithography.
14 April 2017
Light can boost perovskite solar cell formation
Efficiency of perovskite-based photovoltaic cells depends on controlling its deposition into films.
26 April 2017
Microscope offers 'super-resolution' performance with optical trick
Axial resolution as low as 170 nm made possible with pre-aligned optics and mirror-based re-scanning feature.
26 April 2017
Japanese team proposes solar cell offering >50% conversion efficiency
Professors Kita and Asahi at Kobe University use 2-photon model to develop new solar cell structure for generating stronger photocurrents.
26 April 2017
MIT Media Lab develops faster single-pixel camera
New design principles and optimized algorithms enhance the potential uses of lensless imaging systems.
26 April 2017
Cree sets up LED joint venture with San'an
Hong Kong-based company to focus on mid-power devices for lighting applications.
26 April 2017