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Imaging the Cancer Cure

New medical imaging technologies may accelerate the early detection of cancers.


An article in the SPIE journal Optical Engineering presents an upgradable radio-over-fiber transport system based on a vertical-cavity surface emitting laser-composed wavelength selector.

22 November 2017
OE-Improving partial-th

An article in the SPIE journal Optical Engineering presents a two-step manufacturing process for polymer optical waveguides.

20 November 2017
SPIE logo

Struggles for opportunity and inclusion are familiar to many women and minorities working to make a career in a STEM.

15 November 2017

This SPIE Tutorial Text excerpt discusses the usefulness and versatlity of fiber Bragg gratings.

10 November 2017

SPIE Classics offers a look at STEM education and outreach programs.

8 November 2017
Kip Thorne to give keynote at inaugural Day of Light
Well-known theoretical physicist won share of 2017 physics Nobel for work on gravitational waves.
18 December 2017
Keck telescope wins funding for adaptive optics upgrade
NSF award provides funding for wavefront sensing camera; upgrade scheduled for completion by end of 2020.
18 December 2017
Zeiss chief hails 'best year ever'
Sales up 10% on back of stand-out year for semiconductor investments, with CEO Michael Kaschke focused on future innovations.
14 December 2017
Air test drone uses photonics to map toxic gas zones
Novel gas testing drone with onboard infrared sensing kit will transform environmental analysis, improve disaster relief efforts.
14 December 2017
Apple confirms Finisar VCSEL support
World's most valuable company has earmarked $390 million to help make the optoelectronics company's Texas fab the 'VCSEL capital of the US'.
14 December 2017

Gary Sullivan: Compression coding is key to adoption of ultra-high-definition video