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Power to the pixel
New ways to manipulate tiny devices by mass-transfer micro-assembly will open a world of possibilities for flat panel displays.
Aluminum gallium nitride LEDs with glass electrodes can deliver high luminous efficiency in the UV region owing to low contact resistance and high transmittance.
26 June 2017
High-speed performance and DC electrical power generation are simultaneously achieved with novel devices that include specifically designed absorption/collector junctions.
23 June 2017
Glassy carbon nanolattices fabricated using 3D direct laser writing and pyrolysis are the smallest 3D printed lattice structures to date.
21 June 2017
In a two-step procedure, a low level of lysosomal photodamage can markedly increase damage to mitochondrial sites.
19 June 2017
Nanoparticles in a liquid-crystal nanocomposite can be sorted via elastic forces to form 3D solid structures such as capsules and networks.
16 June 2017
LASER 2017: Capasso gives illuminating metasurface plenary
As SPIE launches new Digital Optical Technologies conference series and hosts AR/VR demonstrations at LASER
28 June 2017
LASER 2017: Trumpf enhances its laser ranges
Improvements and additions to disk models, marking systems, picosecond research tools and cooling systems on show on industrial laser giant’s booth.
28 June 2017
LASER 2017: lidar-enabled car makes Messe debut
Mercedes Benz vehicle sporting a Luminar Technologies sensor makes an appearance outside the trade fair.
28 June 2017
LASER 2017: photonics now worth £12.9BN to UK economy
Updated analysis by Photonics Leadership Group also indicates significantly higher productivity of the export-led sector.
28 June 2017
LASER 2017: Winners of Startup Challenge revealed
New Israel-based biometric scanning firm wins gold; IR spectroscopy blood testing method silver; and low-noise reflective optics developer bronze.
27 June 2017
Harald Haas: Progress in LED technology removes barriers for LiFi communication