Multimedia presentations: BiOS Hot Topics from SPIE Photonics West

Among the highlights of the annual Biomedical Optics Symposium at Photonics West, these are short presentations by researchers doing innovative work in biophotonics.
09 February 2012

An overflow crowd filled the BiOS Hot Topics room in 2012 to hear important new developments in biophotonics. A theme among all the talks was collaborations among academia, government, and industry to help translate the huge potential in biomedical engineering technology into actual tools in the hands of clinicians. Following are the multimedia (slides and audio) presentations of six Hot Topics presentations and one Plenary Talk of related interest.

Adam WaxAdam Wax of Duke University describes a method for early cancer detection using coherence imaging in his presentation, "Early Cancer Detection with Coherence Imaging."
Adam Wax Hot Topics presentation

Brian WongIn his presentation, "Emerging Applications for Optical Coherence Tomography in the Head, Neck, and Upper Airway," Brian Wong of the Beckman Laser Institute notes that sleep apnea and other airway obstruction issues affect a significant number of people.
Brian Wong Hot Topics presentation

Daniel PalankerIn "Photovoltaic Retinal Prosthesis for Restoring Sight to the Blind," Daniel Palanker of Stanford University presents a comparison of several retinal implant systems and describes his group's development of a retinal prosthesis that uses photovoltaic stimulation to restore sight to the blind.
Daniel Palanker Hot Topics presentation

Eva SevickEva Sevick presents research on lymphatic flow for the development of drugs to treat lymphatic diseases in "Lymphatic Flow Imaging." The presentation includes the first-ever video of lymphatic flow in humans. Imaging through several centimeters of tissue requires near-IR light for penetration depth. A system using a matching NIR fluorophore and night-vision technology was developed to create movies of lymph flow. A patient sample set was identified as predisposed to lymphangiogenesis and a gene sequencing study led to determining the gene associated with this condition.
Eva Sevick Hot Topics presentation

Stephen BoppartIn his presentation, "Coherence Imaging of Cancer with Novel Optical Sources," Stephen Boppart of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) speaks on new optical sources to help with early and automated identification of cancerous tissue, describing several techniques for image-guided breast cancer surgery.
Stephen Boppart Hot Topics presentation

Seok Hun (Andy) YunSeok-Hyun (Andy) Yun of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital tells how a major limit to optical imaging techniques in living tissue -- penetration depth -- is being addressed in his presentation, "BioLaser." The work described in this talk shows how a single human cell injected with GFP can be used as a gain medium for lasing action.
Seok-Hyun (Andy) Yun Hot Topics presentation

Jonathan CooperIn a plenary talk of related interest at the MOEMS-MEMS plenary session, "Developing Diagnostics for the Developing World," Jonathan Cooper of University of Glasgow talks about solutions incorporating acoustics, optics, and electrotechnologies to meet the demands of diagnosing infectious diseases in the developing world.
Jonathan Cooper plenary presentation

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