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Infrared Materials Standards Working Group

Thursday, August 16, 2012
ASC OP TF 6 - IR Materials
In joint session with SPIE IR Materials Working Group

at SPIE Optics + Photonics 2012
San Diego, California, USA

Meeting Minutes | PDF

Attendance | PDF

Thursday 26 April 2012

Infrared Materials Standards Working Group

at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing 2012
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The group met under the following "Statement of Purpose:"
The Infrared Materials Standards Working Group is an interactive network of scientists and engineers who manufacture, test, and use IR materials. The purpose of this group is to develop standards for properties of optical materials used in the infrared (IR) spectral region (nominally, wavelengths 0.7 - 20 microns). Although typical properties have been published in the technical literature and have been incorporated in various databases, much of this information is decades old. Furthermore, the trend toward multispectral imaging systems for DoD applications has made the need for updated properties more acute. The properties of interest encompass all optical, mechanical, thermal, and thermo-optical characteristics, but the initial primary focus is on the optical and thermo-optical properties used for the design of infrared imaging systems - most notably index of refraction, dn/dT, dispersion, attenuation coefficient, inhomogeneity, and inclusions. Some materials that transmit in the IR are also used at wavelengths outside of the IR range. Therefore, standards developed by the group may include characteristics at wavelengths outside of this region.

The initial goals:
1. Update the nominal values of material properties.
2. Determine the blank-to-blank variations in the material properties.
3. Develop standard sampling and test protocols for measuring material properties.
4. Foster the development of cost-effective methods for measuring material properties.
5. Advise and assist the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to TC172/SC3 in developing US positions on ISO standards related to IR materials, including offering potential experts to represent the US at international meetings of TC172/SC3.

Presentations to the group:
Standards Development Process| PDF
A Mid-Infrared Prism Coupler for Bulk and Thin Film Optical Analysis | PDF
Chalcogenide custom glass development | PDF
M3 Measurement Solutions Inc. | PDF
NIST Presentation | PDF

Additional information:
Round Robin Refractive Index Measurements of Fused Silica and Zinc Selenide| PDF

Miroslav Dosoudil, Inrad Optics Inc.
Joseph Rutherford, Inrad Optics Inc.
Don Hashiguchi, Materion Brush Beryllium & Composite
Edgar Vidal, Materion Brush Inc.
Adam Phenis, SAIC
Leonard Hanssen, NIST
Gary Wiese, Lockheed Martin
Tom Neff, II-VI Infrared
Ron Scotti, SPIE
Larry Fehrenbacher, TA&T Inc.
John Tejada, Goodrich
Kathleen Richardson, Clemson Univ
Clara R. Baleine, Lockheed Martin
Yasaman Soudagar, Genia Photonics Inc
Tom Krekels, Umicore
Peter Brown, Lattice Materials LLC
Michael Landi, Schott
Al Ciullo, Lockheed Martin
Jack Duich, Inrad Optics Inc
Jit Goela, Dow Electronics Mat
Bruce Bernacki, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Norbert Schuster, Umicore Belgium
Dawn Jennings, Photonic Sense
Manuel Quijada, NASA GSFC
Jay Vizgaitis, NVFSD
Erik Stover, M3 Measurement Solutions
Martin Winterling, Goodrich ISR
Joel Askinazi, Goodrich ISR Systems
Bilge Imer, Aselsan Inc.
Charles Kim, Northrop Grumman
Nathan Carlie, Schott North America
Yann Guimond, Umicore
Dave Aikens, Savvy Optics Corp/OEOSC
Maria Light, JDSU Custom Optics Group
RicK Plympton, Optimax
Chris Piazzo, JDSU
Aymeric Monsterleet, Sagem/Safran
John Pepi, L-3 Communications IOS-SSG
Robert Sawyer, Heraeus Quartz
Peter Schwarzer, Novotech Inc.
Jim Scott, Optikos
Nathalie Blanchard, INO
Ray Pini, LightPath Technologies
Kyle Bryant, US Army AMRDEC
Don Freschi, 5N Plus Trail
Ian Murray, Exotic Electro-Optics
Andy Timmerman, Fairfield Crystal Tech
Doug Leviton, NASA GSFC
Dave Valleli, Hardin Optical Co.
Joe Spilman, ArmorLine Corp.
Robert Forgey, Hardin Optical Co.