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Information, Tools, & Support for Your Company

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‘Fast Focus’ Legal and Marketing Webinar Series.

These 20-minute webinars will feature interviews and discussions with industry experts on legal, marketing and sales topics.

The Fast Focus webinars will be presented live twice a month and recorded for later viewing. For each webinar, viewers can submit questions and be entered to win prizes.

To sign up or ask questions email innovation@spie.org

 • International trade issues and best practices (export controls, FCPA)
 • Sales and marketing strategies (product launches, channel expansion, mergers and acquisitions)
 • Intellectual property best practices


Michele Nichols   Launch Team Inc. Michele Nichols
Launch Team Inc.
Kerry Scarlott, Baker & Hostetler Kerry Scarlott
Baker & Hostetler Law Firm

7 other ways SPIE can help your company

1) New ideas, new solutions, new connections -
Check out SPIE Conferences

Tens of thousands of engineers and researchers come together every year to share ideas, learn the latest methods and locate new technology, which can all help acclerate the product development process. An SPIE conference will give you and your people some new perspectives - and practical new ideas you can put to work to improve capabilities and reduce cost.

2) Better personal skills and improved organizational capabilities -
Check out SPIE Education and SPIE Career Center Services

Whether at an introductory or advance course, a technical workshop, a conversation with a supplier or the astonishing range of presentations at the technical conferences, SPIE events help your team become more prepared to succeed. You can attend any SPIE event and walk away with new ideas and personal connections that will accelerate the R&D process.

3) Easy access to necessary technical information -
Check out SPIE Digital Library

With an SPIE Digital Library subscription, your organization gains access to the world's largest collection of research, innovation and engineering know-how in the field. With over a quarter-million papers spanning innovations from nanotechnology to astronomy, from lasers to solar energy, from solid-state lighting to stealth technology, odds are great that you can find helpful--perhaps vital--information in the Digital Library. (Take a look; you can search for free!)

4) Establishing and protecting Intellectual Property -
Present and Publish with SPIE at a world-class Conference

Of course, being first-to-publish is a huge benefit when it comes to establishing technology leadership. Therefore presenting at SPIE conferences is a solid part of developing and enhancing intellectual property and patent claims. Using SPIE to develop a publishing history makes it easier for your organization to support patent claims and harder for your competition to claim "they did it first." In fact, the papers in SPIE proceedings and journals are the most cited of any technical society in this field. According to a recent study by Nerac, an independent patent research firm, 35,000 SPIE papers have been cited in nearly 20,000 US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patents. The study also notes that, "The expansion rate of U.S. patents that cite SPIE papers is four times that of the overall growth rate of U.S. patents," because optics and photonics is a hot market and SPIE publishes more content than our rivals in this field. Approximately 3000 organizations in 43 countries have cited SPIE papers in U.S. patents. The study concludes that these statistics "demonstrate the durability of SPIE publications and illuminate SPIE's contribution to emerging patentable technologies."

5) Technology research and IP strategy service -
New from SPIE & Nerac: Customized Research Service

Take advantage of a unique collaboration matching SPIE's international leadership in the exchange, collection, and dissemination of knowledge in optics, photonics, and imaging with Nerac's leadership in multidisciplinary scientific and technical research and analysis. Just click here to begin the process. Once you submit your information, a Nerac Service Representative will contact you to assess your research request and find the right Nerac Analyst for you. This special service is available exclusively through SPIE for $995 and includes a custom research report and future alerts on the subject. To find out more about Nerac, visit www.nerac.com, or call +1.860.872.7000, Monday through Friday, 4 a.m. to midnight U.S. Eastern Time.

6) Reach the marketplace and new customers -
Check out SPIE Exhibitions and Advertising

Thinking past R&D, SPIE can play a necessary role supporting your go-to-market strategy. SPIE events give your company visibility as a technology leader. Showing your products on the exhibition floor helps you connect with the marketplace, discuss prototypes and reach new customers.

7) Better perspectives on the competition -
Attend SPIE Conferences and Exhibitions

The competition is not standing still. And you need to know what they are doing, right? SPIE conferences help you see the competition, size up the threats and identify the opportunities for product development. Who can afford to not know what is going on in the field? Visit a conference and exhibition to keep up to date with the competition, see their products and hear their story.

To discuss how your company can get involved at SPIE, send an email to industry@spie.org