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SPIE Photonics West
30-January - 01-February 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States

Sutter Instrument Corp.

Sutter Instrument Corp.
One Digital Dr
Novato, CA
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: Sutter Lambda 421 and Lambda OBC Optical Beam Combiners

U.S. manufacturer of precision devices for scientific research and industrial OEM. Come see the Lambda 421 and Lambda OBC Optical Beam Combiners using a newly patented concept for combining separate light sources with different spectra into a single output beam, and BOB, a flexible open architecture upright microscope. We also make high-output LED, plasma and xenon light sources, optical filterwheels, the SmartShutter, X-Y translators, manipulators, and P-2000 laser-based NSOM fiber tip puller.
Sutter Instrument Corp.
13 December 2017
The Lambda OBC (optical beam combiner)
The Lambda OBC (optical beam combiner) is a new, patented, concept for combining separate light sources with different spectra into a single common output beam without the need of a dichroic ladder. Each separate light source is collimated before entering the optical path through a bandpass filter. The filters for each light source also function as mirrors that reflect the collimated beams from the previous light sources.

• Capable of combining any combination of LEDs or any liquid light guide delivered light sources
• Up to 4 channel ultra high speed LED light source ( < 25µsec )
• LLG or direct mount connection options for all common microscopes
• Easy to reconfigure
• LEDs driven by our proven FLED controllers

The pentagon shape of the Lambda OBC was designed to keep the size of the beam combiner small and the optical path short and efficient. By arranging the filters and sources into a pentagon, we can combine four light sources in a compact design with lower losses than previously achievable. As an added benefit, the last position in the optical train does not require any filter, since no other input reflects from that position. This input can be used with any sort of light source if you are aware of the possible losses if there are filters in use that overlap this light source. The fifth side of the pentagon becomes the output for the combined sources. The filters are easily exchangeable and are installed on small sliders inside the core of the pentagon and light sources (with their associated filters) can be arranged in any order around the pentagon.
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