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SPIE Photonics West
30-January - 01-February 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States

SCANLAB America, Inc.

SCANLAB America, Inc.
100 Illinois St Ste 200
Saint Charles, IL
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: 2D scan systems intelliSCANse 20 and 30 with digital encoder technology for large processing volumes

OEM manufacturer of high-performance galvanometer scanners and galvanometer-based scanning systems for deflection and positioning of laser beams in up to three dimensions. Serves industrial and medical applications. Product range includes standard and high-end scan heads (more than 1200 cps), scan systems for kW-range lasers, automated machine vision, customized systems, control electronics, laser processing software and accessories.
15 November 2017
Alignment for 3D Printing Made Simple
New software for easy 3D calibration of integrated scan systems

As the market-leading OEM manufacturer of scan systems, SCANLAB GmbH helps demanding users to get
more precision, thanks to a software-based 3D Calibration Wizard. This calibration approach lets a scan solution's individual components be aligned step-by-step. Reflecting industry's constantly rising precision requirements of recent years – in 3D marking as well as in additive manufacturing and other applications – this static calibration is a convenient way to attain the most exacting results.
Moreover, the dialog-driven software vastly simplifies laser equipment calibration for less-experienced laser machine operators, too.
Additive manufacturing is one of the fastest growing areas in a number of industries. These positive developments
reflect not only the variety of products currently and potentially manufacturable via innovative 3D printing methods, but naturally also the related laser technology and deployed scan systems. Diverse system configurations can be used, typically in high-performance laser processing machines for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping, as well as other laser materials processing applications. Here, requirements for accurate calibration obviously increase as more components get integrated into the scan solution. This is exactly where the new 3D Calibration Wizard offers comprehensive support for the daily work of industrial laser processing in optimally setting up and calibrating scan systems.
High accuracy alignment in multiple steps: The new 3D Calibration Wizard enables a maximally accurate individual alignment of all system components – e.g. a 2D scan head combined with an F-Theta objective or z-axis extension – via evaluation of test patterns and marked points. Calibration proceeds stepby-step under the easy-to-understand guidance of the software's dialog windows.
Recommended marking parameters are included in a separate correction file. After each step, an individualized configuration file gets generated and automatically loads to take command of the alignment task before the next step is taken. This predefined approach reduces sources of error.
Upon successfully running the entire 3D Calibration Wizard, an individualized system specific correction file is created to secure maximum processing precision for all applications. Results of the individual steps flow into the final result, thus allowing significant improvements to precision and spot variation. Users receive quantifiable benefits –not just in terms of laser processing and product quality, along with avoidance of rejects – but above all in terms of reduced effort and a vastly simplified calibration procedure.

Print-quality images can be downloaded at http://www.scanlab.de/en/news-events/image-library
15 November 2017
More Precision for Additive Manufacturing
New digital-encoder-equipped 2D scan heads for larger working volumes

Laser beam deflection and positioning expert SCANLAB GmbH is rounding out its tried-and-proven intelliSCAN product
family. The soon available intelliSCANse 20 and 30 scan heads are systems with 20 and 30-mm apertures for a larger working field. Their integrated digital encoder technology ensures highest dynamics along with high resolution and best longterm stability. Precisely these factors make the systems especially interesting for demanding applications such as 3D printing, micro-structuring and microprocessing. And an attractive price/performance ratio underscores the systems'
suitability for efficient industrial usage. Scan systems need especially high processing precision to tackle challenging applications such as laser sintering of metals in additive manufacturing, or laser processing of displays and semiconductors, as well as structuring of diodes. These applications' key factors for end-product quality are linearity and low drift.
To address those requirements even more effectively, SCANLAB is extending its market-proven intelliSCAN
product family. The intelliSCANse 20 and 30, both equipped with high-performance dynAXISse L galvanometer scanners, can now fulfill the market's demand for largeaperture systems. These are designed to enable larger working volumes with unchanged spot sizes. The integrated digital se-encoder technology guarantees outstanding precision and dynamics while enabling maximum throughput. As with all other scan heads of the intelliSCAN family, the new systems, too, are versatile in usage and offer various specific tunings, as well as diverse cooling options,
mechanics, add-on variants and a full complement of proven interfaces. In terms of price, however, these premium scan heads remain down to earth. Test systems can be ordered effective immediately, and series production is scheduled for early 2018.

Print-quality images can be downloaded at http://www.scanlab.de/en/news-events/image-library
15 November 2017
More Flexibility for the Packaging Industry
New variable-image-field 3D scan system for CO2 lasers

As the leading OEM manufacturer of high quality scan systems, SCANLAB GmbH is presenting a new 3D scan solution for industrial cutting and welding applications with multi-kW CO2 lasers. The powerSCAN II's
low-mass 50 mm mirrors enable small spots together with high dynamic performance. Thanks to the integrated FLEX functionality, the image field size is freely adjustable to suit a broad range of applications, thus making the scan head
particularly compelling for the paper, packaging and textile industries.
Laser trimming can offer considerable process advantages in any industrial sector that involves
workpiece fabrication via cutting dies or punching tools. For some time now, CO2 lasers have been increasingly
employed for trimming such diverse organic materials as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles and leather. After all,
lasers teamed with a scanner work cleanly as well as wear-free, and they allow flexible changing of cutting shapes anytime. To users, that's a huge advantage for complex cutting shapes or patterns, and also for individualized
products and small production runs. SCANLAB's new 3D scan system is a flexible solution that can significantly reduce tool and process costs. At the press of a button, it's FLEX option enables step-less, motorized attainment of image field sizes from 250 x 250 mm² up to 1500 x 1500 mm². Thus, various spot sizes and working distances can be simultaneously set for a range of applications. Here, the integrated z-axis extends the image field into the third dimension, thereby facilitating precise laser processing, even of non-planar workpieces. The powerSCAN II is available with assorted application-specific tunings – for high line speeds or for high contour-fidelity when cutting complex patterns. The digital servo electronics permits easy switching between these tuning options to always ensure the
perfect dynamics settings for each application. Industrial suitability and small footprint Compared to its predecessor, the new scan head is considerably more compact. Its footprint alone has shrunk by about a third, and height has been reduced – a tremendous gain for integrators and machine builders who can now more easily position and simultaneously operate individual or multiple systems side-by-side. The new housings are sealed and dust-protected. Furthermore, the beam exit is equipped with an exchangeable window for protection against process emissions. Rounding out the system's industrial suitability is the continuous status monitoring of all scan head axes,
and transmission of a combined interlock signal. In the event of a fault, this can facilitate quick system shutdown and thus prevent wastage or further damage. "The powerSCAN II signifies the continuous development of our product portfolio. Flexibility via a 'quasi fourth axis' and fundamentally redesigned digital electronics result in an exceptionally attractive overall package for high-power applications with large image fields," explains SCANLAB GmbH CEO Georg Hofner. "Initial test systems have already been shipped and are being put through their paces in industrial processing

Print-quality images can be downloaded at http://www.scanlab.de/en/news-events/image-library
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