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SPIE Photonics West
30-January - 01-February 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States


660 Main St
Sturbridge, MA
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: New Photonis Cricket optically couples cameras to image intensifiers with focus and alignment

Photonis is a market leader in high-speed, high-resolution photon detection and amplification products for a variety of research and commercial applications. Many of our photon detection products can be optimized for a specific spectral range. Photonis' expertise in low light imaging now extends into NOCTURN, a family of CMOS-based low light cameras with <4e- rms and a variety of connectivity and performance options for surveillance, research and security applications. www.photonis.com.
10 November 2017
Photonis introdues Neutronic [i]
November 9, 2017 Sturbridge, MA - Photonis introduces Neutronic [i], a neutron imaging system that provides both high resolution and high detection efficiency when compared to traditional scintillator-based neutron imaging systems. The Photonis Neutronic [i] supports both still and video images using either cold or thermal neutron imaging techniques, making it ideal for physics research, neutron scattering, neutron tomography and non-destructive testing applications.

Neutronic [i] is a complete imaging system, equipped with a 100mm x 100mm MCP from Photonis and with NeuViewTM technology applied from Nova Scientific for neutron sensitivity. The system also houses a vacuum chamber, high-voltage power supply and controller. The Neutronic [i] can provide actionable images in under two hours, a significant improvement over existing systems that require multiple hours to capture and process images.

“The Photonis Neutronic [i] system offers large format images to provide fast, high-resolution results – in about 60 to 90 minutes”, said Bruce N. Laprade, Vice President and General Manager of Photonis USA, Scientific Detectors. He continued, “This product represents our industry-leading MCP manufacturing, our extensive knowledge of vacuum-based detection systems and a real market need for short beam time imaging to preserve and protect the items being imaged from damage.” He added that units have been tested at several research facilities, producing both cold neutron and thermal neutron images.

The Photonis Neutronic [i] provides superior <50 µm spatial resolution combined with high detection efficiency of 50% cold neutron or 70% thermal neutron imaging1, offering significant improvement over scintillator-based systems. This combination of high detection efficiency and superior spatial resolution means that the time exposure of imaged items is limited, so that they are not damaged or activated when compared to traditional neutron imaging, which is often performed over a period of multiple hours.

Neutronic [i] can be used with any neutron source and is easily connected to a camera for images via a mirror/lens/camera set up. The result is a system that can be changed, adjusted or serviced as needed, while reducing the beam time required to acquire an image by more than half, making it suitable for smaller reactors or portable applications, while freeing up additional beam time in larger facilities.

About Photonis
Photonis is a global manufacturer of solutions used in the detection of ions, electrons, photons and emission of RF energy. Our innovative technology for defense includes our complete line of night vision systems, digital vision solutions for security and surveillance, and defense communications solutions. In addition, Photonis works with the world’s leading manufacturers and research facilities to provide faster, more accurate detectors to broaden our understanding of our health, our environment, and our universe. With over 80 years of experience of partnering with our customers to provide the world’s leading detection systems, we have the experience to meet the specific challenges of the many markets we serve.

For inquiries, please contact:
Margaret Cooley
International Marketing Manager
+1 508 347 4093

1. A.S. Tremsin et al., Improved efficiency of high resolution thermal and cold neutron imaging, Nucl. Instr. Meth. A628 (2011) 415–418.
13 October 2017
New from Photonis is the Cricket, an optical coupling device designed to equip any scientific camera for the simple capture of intensified images while preserving focus and alignment. Cricket is a complete housing with C-mounts for lens and camera, focus adjustments, a relay lens, low voltage power supply and a image intensifier. Cricket can be ordered with custom image intensifier configurations for your application, including Hi-QE photocathodes, fast gating (internal or external), phosphor screen and optics. Ideal for physics, FLIM and plasma research, Cricket supports 1 µLux sensitivity or single photon counting with gating options down to 3ns.
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