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SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
17 - 19-April 2018
Orlando, FL, United States

Laser Components USA

Laser Components USA
116 S River Rd
Bldg C
Bedford, NH
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: QuickSwitch: hybrid high power Pulsed Laser Diode at <3ns pulse width in TO56 housing

Serving optronic equipment, laser measurement, and infrared instrumentation manufacturers with standard and custom-made APDs (Si and InGaAs), APD-receivers, PLDs (905 and 1550 nm), and IR detectors (InGaAs, xInGaAs, PbS, PbSe, pyroelectric). Applications include laser range finding, speed measurement, LiDAR, security scanners, spectroscopy, gas analysis, flame detection, pyrometry, and moisture detection.
04 April 2018
PbS/PbSe Detectors with Superior Cooling
Better performance in Mid-IR detection.

A new generation of PbS/PbSe detectors with superior Thermoelectric Coolers (TEC) is now available featuring greater efficiency at lower operating power levels. Cooling PbSe/PbS detectors increases sensitivity and extends the peak wavelength response.

Better feedback control of the TEC top stage maintains detector temperature stability. Combined with proper heat sink design and identifying the optimum operating temperature, these superior TECs help to provide the best possible detection in the mid-IR.

More information: https://goo.gl/wHiCMB
Contact: Susan Wells; wells@laser-components.com
22 March 2018
Differential Pyroelectric Detector
Pyroelectric Detectors with Differential Amplifiers
Increased Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Laser Components is introducing the LD2100 series pyroelectric detector, with differential outputs. This is advantageous since pyroelectric crystals simultaneously generate positive and negative charges on opposite faces.

The detector not only outputs double the signal compared to a single ended detector when used with a differential amplifier, but the noise only increases by √2, which produces an improvement in signal to noise ratio of around 1.4. In addition, since differential inputs cancel out external common-mode noise signals, they are well suited for critical environments. Also, wiring is simplified, since the signal outputs can be connected directly to the inputs of a differential AD converter.

Pyroelectric detectors are used in NDIR and FTIR spectroscopy, IR laser-based measurement technology, pyrometry, and flame and fire detection, and are highly sensitive from short to long IR wavelengths as thermal detectors.

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3 October 2018

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