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27 - 28-January 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States

Spectrolight Inc.

Spectrolight Inc.
19800 Macarthur Blvd Ste 300
Irvine, CA
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: Flexible Wavelength Selector (Auto) obsoletes monochromators and filter wheels in bioinstrumentation

Spectrolight produces optical and optomechanical components for manipulating, generating and detecting light, primarily aimed at applications in microscopy, machine vision, hyperspectral imaging and general research. Founded by a group of scientists and engineers who set out to deliver cost-effective photonic tools that offer better functionality, greater ease of use, and superior reliability and lifetime - with the simple philosophy of “Light Done Right.” Website www.spectrolightinc.com
Product Demonstrations
A new wavelength tunable device for imaging and microscopy
Marcus Noble, Ph.D., Spectrolight Inc.

We will demonstrate a new device called the Flexible Wavelength Selector that combines the wavelength tuning of a monochromator with the large circular aperture typical of an optical filter.

Date: Saturday 27 January 2018
Time: 01:30 PM
Location: PW18B, BiOS Demo Area
14 September 2017
High Power, Low Noise, White Light Source for Microscopy
The new Mighty Light from Spectrolight is a turnkey, compact source of broadband light based on a high power tungsten-halogen lamp which is ideal for microscopy, machine vision, photovoltaic research and testing, and other diverse illumination applications. With a nominal color temperature of 2900K, the Mighty Light provides over 2 watts of low-noise, white light output spanning the visible through near infrared spectral regions (400 nm ~ 2.5 µm). Yet, the entire package, including the lamp, power supply and custom low noise control board, measures only 125 x 75 x 70 mm. This unique power controller ensures extremely low (~0.5%) output noise. Moreover, the aluminum housing is convection cooled, eliminating the complexity and vibrations of cooling fans or water cooling.

The Mighty Light is designed as a modular product in order to support a very wide range of applications; several modular accessories utilize simple bolt-on functionality with no need for special alignment. These include a collimator and diffuser accessory that yields a white light beam with (~5˚) divergence. The collimator can then be optionally coupled to one of Spectrolight’s patented wavelength selector devices to provide a large area circular beam of filtered light with tunable center wavelength and adjustable bandwidth. Another accessory provides simple coupling into a multi-mode fiber via a standard SMA connector. Plus, a microscope adapter enables the lamp output to be used in virtually any commercial optical microscope.

Many photonic applications need a broadband or widely tunable light source, but without the high cost of a laser-based system such as a super-continuum generator. A tungsten halogen lamp is ideal for these applications, except for two practical challenges. First, the lamp output is very sensitive to power supply noise and, second, the large output angle does not interface easily with several applications. The Mighty Light is a turnkey modular approach that simultaneously solves both of these challenges.
14 September 2017
New Tool Simplifies Optical Beam Alignment
The new Light Aligner from Spectrolight is a simple to use tool that solves the ubiquitous challenge of aligning a light beam through an optical system constructed on a breadboard or optical table. The Light Aligner is an anodized metal ruler with precision engraved fiducials and a series of 2.5 mm diameter through holes. It utilizes a magnetic base that holds the ruler in a vertical orientation and enables its stable, temporary placement on any optical table, breadboard or ferrous metal surface. In use, the optical beam is passed through one of the holes at the appropriate height, and then the entire unit is moved as necessary to various positions in the optical system to verify that the beam alignment is being maintained.

The Light Aligner is available either with or without registration pins on its base. This allows for either complete freedom in its placement, or precise registration of a beam with the mounting hole pattern on the table or breadboard. The Light Aligner also uses a modular approach to provide maximum utility; a bolt-on extension doubles the height with no loss of precision. Both metric and imperial (inch) versions are available with standard lengths being 220 mm and 8.6 inches.

The challenge of aligning a light beam is common to nearly every optical and photonic application, particularly in research settings and so-called “breadboard prototyping” of new instruments and systems. Traditionally, engineers typically have resorted to surprisingly low-tech, improvised solutions using paper and even business cards to visualize and align the light beam. The new Light Aligner is a handy tool that finally provides an easy to use, precision alternative.
14 September 2017
Flexible Wavelength Selector (Auto model)
The Flexible Wavelength Selector is a unique wavelength filtering device that employs TwinFilm™
technology to deliver the tunability and adjustable bandwidth of a grating monochromator, together
with the imaging advantages of a circular aperture filter. Auto models feature complete software
control of wavelength and bandwidth via a USB link and simple software interface.

Key specifications (auto model):

Bandwidth: adjustable from 2 - 20 nm (FWHM)
Transmission: > 75%
Total Product Range (nominal): 350 ~ 900 nm
Aperture: up to 10 mm diam.
Center Wavelength accuracy: ± 0.2 nm
FWHM accuracy: ± 0.4 nm
Overall Dimensions: 48 x 92 x 64 mm
14 September 2017
Unique Adjustable Device Replaces Monochromators and Bandpass Filters
A new family of Flexible Wavelength Selectors (FWS) from Spectrolight combines the wavelength tunability and adjustable bandwidth of a traditional monochromator with the circular uniform aperture of a bandpass filter. Intended for applications in microscopy, machine vision and hyperspectral imaging, the FWS-Basic is the first model in the series, and features simple manual control of wavelength and bandwidth with an aperture of up to 10 mm. Several models are available with tuning ranges to cover the visible spectrum, and FWHM bandwidth is adjustable from 1.5 nm to 20 nm.

The Flexible Wavelength Selector is based on Spectrolight’s patented TwinFilm™ Technology – a next generation approach to wavelength filtering and scanning. In addition to its true imaging capability, other advantages of the Flexible Wavelength Selector include high optical efficiency, integrated alignment compensation, sharp wavelength cut-off, and high (106) out of band extinction. Optional adaptors, including a C-mount, enable simple light-tight interfacing with microscopes, lamp housings, s-CMOS cameras, and other common photonic tools.

The compact (40 mm x 76 mm x 40 mm) in-line design of the revolutionary FWS-Basic makes it ideal for both end user and OEM integration in microscopy and other instrumentation applications across the life sciences – for filtering both sources and detectors. Examples include optogenetics, cell biology, drug discovery, and spectroscopic chemical imaging. It is also well suited to color sensitive machine vision and hyperspectral imaging applications in aerospace, pharma, agriculture, semiconductor, and automotive industries.
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