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27 - 28-January 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States

Spectral Devices

Spectral Devices
700 Collip Circle
Suite 125
London, ON
Company Description
Featured Product: Multispectral cameras with snapshot area & line scan capability, 2-16 bands, standard and custom.

Spectral Devices Inc. develops compact and cost-effective multispectral imaging systems. We offer snapshot area scan cameras, line scan cameras, and multi-camera systems. Cameras are optimized for precision agriculture, biomedical research, simultaneous color and NIR imaging, and simultaneous UV and NIR imaging. Cameras have 2 to 16 bands, bandwidths from 5 to 75 nm, and spectral range from 350 to 1000 nm. Our multicamera system for microscopy offers up to 5 MP per band.
30 November 2017
Multispectral Camera for UV-NIR Imaging
Spectral Devices Inc. announces release of our new UV-NIR multispectral camera. The camera incorporates high performance CMOS sensor that has been modified with Spectral Devices UV-NIR filter array technology. The camera simultaneously captures UV and NIR images at up to 90 frames per second. No need for additional filters, filter wheels, or tunable filters in the optical path. Spectral images are captured simultaneously by the multispectral sensor. The camera complies with USB3 Vision and GenICam standards providing compatibility with many Windows and Linux software applications and SDKs. Spectral Devices offers camera image acquisition software with multispectral demosaicing built into the image processing chain. Images can be viewed and recorded in raw mode or as a montage of spectral images. Images are easily saved to industry standard formats for compatibility with third-party and custom image analysis software. Power is supplied through the USB3 cable simplifying camera setup. The camera is compatible with 1-inch standard and telecentric C-mount lenses. Compact and light, the camera is well-suited for applications where UV and NIR imaging is performed simultaneously.
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