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27 - 28-January 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States

Princeton Instruments

Princeton Instruments
3660 Quakerbridge Rd
Trenton, NJ
United States
Company Description
Princeton Instruments provides state-of-the-art CCD, sCMOS, ICCD, EMCCD, emICCD, X-Ray and InGaAs cameras; spectrometers; spectrographs; imaging systems; optics and coatings that are key to the success of your application. We take pride in partnering with our customers to solve their most challenging problems in unique, innovative ways.
28 November 2017
KURO 2048B: 4 Megapixel, Back-illuminated, Scientific CMOS Camera
Princeton Instruments is pleased to introduce KURO 2048B, the newest member of the KURO family of back-illuminated, scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras. In response to the success of the KURO 1200B (1k x 1k) and market demand for higher performance, the KURO 2048B satisfies emerging requirements in the fields of hyperspectral imaging, astronomy, and quantum imaging. Among its many outstanding characteristics, the KURO 2048B provides a large format 2048 x 2048 sensor with generously sized 11 µm pixels. Back-side illumination enables 100% pixel fill factor and delivers CCD-like sensitivity.
The frame rate for KURO 2048B at full resolution of 2048 x 2048 is 47 fps @ 12 bits and 23 fps @ 16 bits, with the ability to reach over 3,000 fps in reduced resolution. Other outstanding attributes of the KURO 2048B include 95% quantum efficiency (QE) in mid-range visible as well as 80% peak QE in ultraviolet. It boasts a full well specification of 80,000 electrons as well as ultra-low read noise of 1.3 e- rms median. Additionally, flexible programmable trigger modes make it easy to synchronize camera operation with external events or light sources.

Designed for operation within the Princeton Instruments LightField® software ecosystem, the KURO 2048B camera is easy to control and can be integrated quickly in myriad imaging experiments. The highly regarded 64-bit LightField imaging and spectroscopy software package provides hundreds of user enhancements, includes a powerful built-in math engine to perform live data analysis, and permits direct control from third-party packages such as LabVIEW® (National Instruments) and MATLAB® (MathWorks). A full suite of input-output TTL signals is provided as well, making it easy to synchronize camera operation with external events or light sources.

Visit the KURO product page for additional information and datasheet.