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27 - 28-January 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States

Photonic Cleaning Technologies

Photonic Cleaning Technologies
1895 Short Ln
Platteville, WI
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: First Contact Polymers™. Only no-residue strip coat available to clean & protect sensitive surfaces

Manufacturer of First Contact™ Polymers. The Cleaning and Protection System. Apply liquid polymer and peel the dried film leaving the surface nearly atomically clean. Independent XPS/ESCA and Laser Damage Threshold testing shows no residue to the molecular level! Safe with high power laser optics. Remove Dust & Fingerprints. Reduce waste: non-toxic inert polymers. Clean Nanostructures, Gratings & Phase Masks! Protect and clean microscope objectives & CCD Sensors. Safe. Low Adhesion. No residue.