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27 - 28-January 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States

Hindsight Imaging, Inc.

Hindsight Imaging, Inc.
1 Harvard St Ste 302
Brookline, MA
United States
Company Description
Featured Product: ChemVu™ and ChemVuR™ are compact, handheld reflectance and Raman hyperspectral imagers.

Hindsight Imaging, Inc. manufactures next-generation spectral and OCT-based volumetric imaging instruments. Using the patented High-Throughput Virtual Slit technology, Hindsight's portable hyperspectral imagers combine the highest spectral resolution on the market with full light-gathering power and a small, compact footprint. These complete solutions equip nontechnical personnel to detect and characterize explosives, narcotics and similar materials via their unique spectral signatures.
29 November 2017
Hindsight Imaging, Inc. announces the release of ChemVu™ and ChemVuR™. These compact, handheld instruments identify and characterize objects and substances at a distance by detecting their unique chemical signatures.
Conventional color cameras image the world in shades of red, green and blue. Hindsight’s hyperspectral imaging technology, powered by the patented High Throughput Virtual Slit™ (HTVS), records 600 fully-resolved spectral channels, identifying materials with high sensitivity and specificity. Based on the core SpecVu™ imaging engine, Hindsight’s remote sensing spectrometers collect more light at higher resolution than competitive instruments for increased sensitivity without compromise.
ChemVuR uses a near-IR laser to create a chemical surface map using Raman spectroscopy. Rapidly scanning over an area, it searches for spectral signatures of substances like explosives, narcotics or hazardous materials. If it finds a match to the onboard library database, it reports the target molecules detected. Hindsight’s line scanning/area imaging approach is much faster than conventional raster scanning approaches, while sensitive enough to detect trace particles in a surface fingerprint or a powder mixture. Forensic investigators will appreciate the chemical/visible image overlay and the automated area scanning at proximal distances.
ChemVu records reflectance spectral images within the VNIR band from 400-1000 nm. Its high resolution is ideal for applications like precision agriculture, where small spectral shifts in reflectance from green plants can indicate water, pest or disease stress. In the clinic, it can perform dermatological screening with high accuracy and sensitivity. Other key applications include environmental monitoring, energy usage and surveillance. Ultrahigh resolution versions with reduced bandpass are available for applications such as solar-induced fluorescence.
Both instruments include a powerful onboard computer and a 5” capacitive touch screen. No special training is needed to interpret the chemical images, which are overlaid on a conventional color image. Onboard spectral libraries can be supplemented with user-generated data. Rugged, weather-resistant and lightweight, the Hindsight ChemVu imagers use AC power or a rechargeable battery pack and are ideal for field use.

About Hindsight Imaging
Based in Brookline MA, Hindsight Imaging specializes in the deployment of compact, high-performance spectral and volumetric imaging solutions. Hindsight uses its proprietary HTVS technology to build compact spectrometers with exceptional spectral and spatial resolution combined with high light-gathering power. Hindsight serves the remote sensing market in applications such as security, defense, biomedical spectral imaging, material ID, precision agriculture, and environmental monitoring.

For more information, contact:
Ed Gooding Ph.D., Director of Sales and Marketing
info@hindsight-imaging.com www.hindsight-imaging.com
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