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27 - 28-January 2018
San Francisco, CA, United States


PO Box 1051
Kiryat Weizmann High Tech Industrial Park
Company Description
Featured Product: Diffractive Optics, Top-Hat, Beam-splitter, Homogenizer, multi-focal, beam sampler, vortex & custom.

HOLO/OR Ltd., est. 1989, are experts in developing, designing and manufacturing of diffractive and micro-optical elements for the laser industry. HOLO/OR produces both standard & custom products and holds the largest stock of DOEs and designs. Our DOEs are suitable for high power lasers, from UV to IR. Among our products: beam splitters, beam shapers (top-hat), beam samplers, homogenizers, vortex lenses, multi-focal and more. We welcome you to visit the HOLO/OR website at http://www.holoor.com
Product Announcements
16 November 2017
DOE Tuner Module
Various micro-machining applications require fine-tuning of the beam diameter at input to the DOE. To facilitate integration of our DOE products, Holo/Or has developed the new DOE Tuner, a variable 0.8X-1.2X zoom module that can be used to fine-tune the beam, before or after the DOE. Possible uses include adjusting input beam diameter or adjusting the shape size for top Hat beam shapers, changing the separation between spot in beam splitters, and tuning spot sizes at the focal plane.
The DOE tuner is a compact, 15cm long module with standard C-mount adapters, making an easy fit to integrate into existing systems. It can support up to 7mm input beams at max magnification and is currently offered as a standard item for 355nm, 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths (can be easily customized to fit other wavelengths).