Strasbourg Convention & Exhibition Centre
Strasbourg, France
22 - 26 April 2018
Conference EPE104
Quantum Technologies
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Abstract Due:
25 October 2017
Submission website is open. Late submissions will be considered

Author Notification:
26 January 2018

Manuscript Due Date:
26 March 2018

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Conference Chairs
Program Committee
  • Christoph Becher, Univ. des Saarlandes (Germany)
  • Oliver Benson, Humboldt-Univ. zu Berlin (Germany)
  • Rainer Blatt, Leopold-Franzens-Univ. Innsbruck (Austria)

Program Committee continued...
Call for
The aim of the Quantum Technologies Conference is to bring together people from industry and academia who are active in this field. We appreciate contributions ranging from research on quantum components and systems to industrial development of quantum based products, prototypes and instruments:

The conference programme will consist of oral and poster presentations on topics that include, but are not limited to:

  • quantum cryptography and communication
  • quantum simulation and computing
  • quantum sensing (e.g. based on atoms, ions, color centers, photons or alternative techniques)
  • quantum imaging (e.g. based on entangled or correlated light)
  • quantum metrology (e.g. metrology of quantum components/systems, quantum enhanced measurement)
  • atomic clocks
  • quantum components and their applications (such as single photon sources, entangled light sources, quantum memory, photon detectors, random number generators …)
  • quantum technology-based instruments and their applications.
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