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In Company Training

In-Company Training from SPIE

Group Training without Travel

Save time and money

Whether you work for a private company or the government, it's no secret that securing travel approval and funding is an increasing challenge. Don't waste your company's training budget on expensive travel costs, or your employees' time by sending them away for training—bring industry experts to your facility instead.

Get the training your staff needs—without travel approval, expense, or time

SPIE offers more than 1,100 courses taught by industry and research experts, most with decades of experience in their respective fields. The concentrated short course format provides the essential information your staff needs with maximum efficiency, in customized courses of varying lengths and degrees of depth.

Compete more effectively with a well-trained staff

Benefits include:

  • Customizable content and length based on your company's specific needs
  • Ideal for training large groups at one time
  • Tangible benefit: CEU accreditation and printed material for future review
  • Going beyond the book—instructors provide valuable real-world knowledge drawn from years of hands-on experience

For more information contact:

Laura Sharik

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Continuing Education Units

IACET Authorzed Provider
As an IACET Accredited Provider, SPIE offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education Standard.

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