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Short Course

Understanding Fiber Optic Components and Systems (A 2-Part Series) (SC226)

Course Level: Introductory
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This course describes how fiber-optic systems work and how they are used. It covers system concepts, standards, long-haul telecommunications, submarine cables, regional telecommunications, local telephone systems, cable television networks, data communication, and optical networks. The course intends to provide an intuitive understanding of fiber optic systems and how to get started working with them.


This course will enable you to:
  • get started in fiber optics
  • understand industry terminology
  • understand communication systems
  • understand how fiber optics are used in communications
  • understand applications of fiber-optic components
  • discuss fiber optics and communications intelligently.


This course is intended for people unfamiliar with fiber optic systems or communications, including sales and marketing personnel, technicians and engineers entering the field from other specialties. optics specialists not familiar with communications, and people newly hired or transferred into the field have successfully completed this course.

About the

Jeff Hecht is the author of Understanding Fiber Optics, 3rd Ed., (Prentice Hall, 1999), City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics, (Oxford Unversity Press, 1999), Understanding Lasers, 2nd Ed., (IEEE Press, 1994), The Laser Guidebook, (McGraw-Hill, 1992), and Optics; Light for a New Age (Optical Society of America, reprinted 2000). He is a contributing editor for Laser Focus World and has covered the industry for 25 years.


COURSE PRICE INCLUDES the textbook Understanding Fiber Optics (Prentice Hall, 1999), by Jeff Hecht.
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