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    SPIE DSS Technical Overview
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Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, Unites States
17 - 21 April 2016
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SPIE Defense + Security 2015

SPIE DSS 2015 Event News

The SPIE Defense + Security technical program focuses on sensors, imaging, and optical technologies for security, homeland defense, and military applications, with specific focus on applications in security, law enforcement, port/border security, and avionics/aerospace. 

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 • Infrared Sensors and Imaging Systems  • Next-Generation Sensors and Systems, UAVs, Space
 • Lasers Sensors and Systems  • Display Technologies
 • Mine/Chemical Detection (CBRNE)  • Sensor Data and Information Exploitation
 • Ocean Sensing  • Imagery and Pattern Analysis
 • Sensors and Command, Control, Communications, & Intelligence (C3I)   Information and System Networks
 • Cyber Sensing/Security   Pattern and Target Recognition
 • Biometrics and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance   Geospatial Informatics
 • Radar Sensors   

 • Avionics/Aerospace  • Port/Border Protection
 • Communications/Networking  • Cyber Sensing/Security
 • Mine/Chemical Detection (CBRNE)  • System/Network Integrator/VAR
 • UAVs  • Biometrics
 • Cyber Sensing/Security  • Instrumentation and Control
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance  


2015 Plenary Speaker
Alan R. Shaffer

Emerging Research and Engineering Capabilities for NextGen Warfighters

Alan R. Shaffer
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Research and Engineering
Department of Defense

 2015 Symposium Chairs
Nils Sandell Jr.

Nils R. Sandell Jr., PhD.
Director, Strategic Technology Office
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

2015 Symposium Chair

David A. Logan

David A. Logan
Vice President, and General Manager of Technology Solutions, BAE Systems

2015 Symposium Co-Chair


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Important Dates

Abstract Due Date
5 October 2015

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14 December 2015

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21 March 2016

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