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The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
28 January - 2 February 2017
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Exhibitor Product Announcements

Product announcements will be posted as they are received.

17 July 2017: Laser cleaning machine

DZD Photonics Co., Ltd.

DZD's laser cleaning equipment, the use of 3 laser, optional power120W, 200W, 600W for the oil layer, thick rust, paint, oxide rust layer with excellent cleaning effect.
DZD-DPL-120, DZD-DPL-200, DZD-DPL-600 is high power diode-pumped solid-state laser cleaning equipment, mainly for industrial products paint stripping, rust removal and high-value components cleaning applications. Enormous power not only does not produce damage to the object to be cleaned, but also will not pollute the environment.

It is designed for reliability, minimal maintenance, fast set-up, simple operation and it’s easy to automate. It requires no gas or other consumables. Plug it in, turn it on and start cleaning/de-coating with all the benefits laser light – without chemicals, media, dust, water and no clean-up.

Find out more or contact DZD Photonics Co., Ltd.


MH GoPower Company Limited

MH GoPower offers the only photovoltaic power converter (PPC) product line capable of delivering a wide range of power and voltage outputs. Power output levels range from tens of milliwatts to over 10 watts, while output voltage levels are possible from 4 volts to over 30 volts. MHGP’s PPC product line operates most efficiently with wavelengths in the range of 900 nm to 1,000 nm.
• Optimized for 915 nm through 980 nm laser sources
• Low cost, high reliability laser diode wavelengths
• Conversion efficiency of 22% ~ 30%
• Up to 18 volts output; 16 volts output with 50W input

Find out more or contact MH GoPower Company Limited

14 July 2017: MIH® VMJ PV CELL

MH GoPower Company Limited

The MIH® VMJ PV cell is a high voltage PV cell capable of operating under 1 sun to over 500 suns concentration (or over 50W/cm2). This wide operating range, along with its unrivaled high voltage density and customizable size, makes the MIH® VMJ PV cell uniquely capable of meeting the needs of many energy conversion applications.

Product Advantages:
1. Shape Flexibility
2. High Laser Power Conversion Cell Efficiency (>40%)
3. High Voltage Density (low current)
4. Temperature Durability (up to 400° C)
5. Narrow & Broad Spectrum Operation
6. Wide Operating Range(1-500 suns)
7. Size & Voltage Customization
8. High packing density

Find out more or contact MH GoPower Company Limited

14 July 2017: POF-WL240 Series Power over Fiber Smart Monitoring System

MH GoPower Company Limited

MH GoPower has introduced the first power over fiber (PoF) enabled temperature, humidity, and partial discharge monitoring system for medium voltage switchgear equipment: the POF-WL240 Smart Monitoring System. The POF-WL240 Smart Monitoring System measures bus bar temperature, humidity, and partial discharge. These factors contribute to insulation failure thus resulting in damaging arc flash events. Key capabilities of the Smart Monitoring System include continuous monitoring of bus bar temperature, humidity, and partial discharge, and the ability to place sensors close to the source of partial discharge activity (in previously inaccessible areas such as on bus bars or near breaker contacts), resulting in more accurate sensor readings.

Find out more or contact MH GoPower Company Limited

28 June 2017: KBBF

Cryslaser Inc.

KBBF is one good nolinear crystal which apply in DUV and have shortest wavelength that can reach less than 200nm.More details, please visit our website:www.cryslaser.com.

Find out more or contact Cryslaser Inc.

17 June 2017: InPhenix Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, Superluminescent Diodes and Swept Sources

InPhenix, Inc.

Inphenix's Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) are a key technology for high speed switching, all-optical wavelength conversion, regeneration, wavelength selection, booster and in-line amplification, in-node optical pre-amplification and mid-span spectral inversion. Inphenix’s Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) are Telcordia GR-468 and RoHS compliant and optimized for Optical Amplification (Gain), Switching and Wavelength Conversion, available in the 1060nm, 1310nm and 1550nm windows. Compatible driver boards are also available.

Inphenix’s Superluminescent Diodes combine very broad spectral bandwidths with high output power to deliver speckle-free emission wavelengths from 700nm to 1700nm. Designed and manufactured by Inphenix in our ISO9001:2008 facility in California, Inphenix’s Superluminescent Diodes are Telcordia GR-468, MIL883 and RoHS compliant and available in a variety of packaging options, including modules and subsystems with integrated driver boards and electronic controls. We look forward to supporting your custom or standard requirements.

Inphenix’s Swept Light Sources offer deep penetration, long coherence length and high resolution. Based on Inphenix’s leading Semiconductor Optical Amplifier technology, Inphenix’s frequency swept tunable laser is specifically designed for Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) and Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry (OFDR) applications. Inphenix’s Swept Sources are available in 850nm, 1060nm, 1310nm and 1550nm windows and are ideal for OEM integration. We look forward to meeting your standard or customized specifications.

For more information, please visit our website: www.inphenix.com.

Find out more or contact InPhenix, Inc.

15 June 2017: Allied Vision 1 Product Line

Allied Vision Technologies Inc.

The new Allied Vision 1 product line is a full range of digital cameras designed for embedded vision applications but fulfilling the high standards of industrial and scientific image processing also referred to as “machine vision”. Acknowledging the rise of embedded systems as an alternative for PC-based machine vision, Allied Vision’s engineers have completely reinvented camera architecture to create a technical platform that provides the best of both worlds:

• Broad sensor variety
• Advanced image pre-processing
• Compact form factor
• Low power consumption
• Industrial standards
• Excellent price/performance ratio

To achieve this, Allied Vision created its own “system on chip”. The unique ALVIUM® technology is the core of the Allied Vision 1 product line. It consists in a proprietary chip design optimized for advanced digital imaging combined with a comprehensive image processing library (IPL) resulting from more than 25 years of expertise in machine vision.

The first cameras that will be built on the new platform are the Allied Vision 130 and 140 series. Both series are available with MIPI CSI-2 and USB3 Vision interface and a large choice of sensors. They are both powered by the ALVIUM® technology.

Find out more or contact Allied Vision Technologies Inc.

15 June 2017: Auto-Focus Board Lens

FOCtek Photonics, Inc.

2.Moterized Focusing
3.With Specially Designed Holder
4.For any Fixed Focal Length Board Lens

Find out more or contact FOCtek Photonics, Inc.

15 June 2017: F1.5/F1.2 Star Light Lens

FOCtek Photonics, Inc.

1. All metal, and glass material
2.IR Correction
3.Colorfuil night vision

Find out more or contact FOCtek Photonics, Inc.

15 June 2017: Dual Fish-eye Lens

FOCtek Photonics, Inc.

1.Dual fish-eye lens,single sensor, patented design
3.Precision glasslens,optcial cold working technology
4.Water proof coating,anti-scratched

Find out more or contact FOCtek Photonics, Inc.

14 June 2017: Fiber bundles Multi-fiber assemblies

US Fiberoptec Technology, Inc.

USFiberOptec® ensures the highest quality and best transmission for fiber optic bundles, while working within the boundaries of your application. In order to optimize your bundle, we take several parameters into consideration: packing efficiency, fiber area efficiency, numerical aperture optimization, fiber transmission, reflections, and an error factor (which includes numerical aperture discrepancies). Our high quality fiber optic bundles can be made with any fiber and your choice of several configuration and construction possibilities. In addition, a number of connectors, including all standard connectors – or custom ferrules, machined in-house – are available.

Leading the Way in Long-Term Performance

For long-term performance, PowerLightGuide all silica fiber optic bundles, fused-end bundles, and assemblies set the standard. Tested for well over 40,000 continuous, unfiltered hours, our PowerLightGuide bundles exhibit level, steady transmission at 95 % of the original input!

Traditionally, bundle transmission level has been limited by NA and the packing factor of the active fiber core area. However, in PowerLightGuide bundles, USFiberOptec’s® Optran UVNSS (UV Non-Solarising-Stabelized) fibers are fused to eliminate inter-fiber spaces – without the need for epoxy and its inherent limiting properties. While maintaining the fibers’ NA, our PowerLightGuide fused-end bundles typically increase transmission by 50%. Used in applications with temperatures as high as 1500° C, PowerLightGuides are the most advanced fiber bundles available today.

A Solid Solution for UV Spectroscopy and Liquid Light Guides

PowerLightGuide fused-end bundles offer a distinct advantage over liquid light guides because they offer exceptional throughput for wavelengths ranging from 160 to 1200 nm – without solarization. Unlike liquid light guides, our new PowerLightGuides are available in unlimited lengths and will not leak or deteriorate over time.

Our ability to integrate high NA (0.28 and 0.37), fused ends, and other technologies allows bundle transmission to typically be 50 % higher than any other manufacturer of silica UV fiber products!

Contact us today for more information. http://usfiberoptec.com/index.php/contact-us/

Find out more or contact US Fiberoptec Technology, Inc.

13 April 2017: ZnSe Optics

Orientir Inc

ZnSe has a wide transimission specturm and a lower absorption coefficient. We can provides CVD ZnSe optics like windows, lens, and beamsplitters.

Find out more or contact Orientir Inc

13 April 2017: Window of IR detector

Orientir Inc

We can provide windows of detectors including Ge, Si, etc. Germanium and silicon feature a good Knoop Hardness , making it ideal for infrared applications requiring rugged optics.

Find out more or contact Orientir Inc

13 April 2017: Infrared Components

Orientir Inc

Orientir Inc. is a designer, manufacture and supplier of precision optics.Our products can be applied in detector, sensor, thermal imaging systems.CO2 laser seystems etc.

Our productions can mainly be divided into two parts: CO2 laser optical components and infrared imaging components. The infrared optical materials we use are ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, BaF2, Ge, Si ,Fused Silica,Quartz. We have window, lens and other infrared coating products.

Find out more or contact Orientir Inc

13 April 2017: spherical lens,achromatic lens, all kinds of lenses.

Fuzhou Intpho Technology Co., Ltd.

1, We can make all optical material including Ohara, Schott.
2, The diameter range from 0.8mm to 170mm.
3, The best Surface Quality is 10-5, Flatness: Lambda/10, Deviation: 3 arc sec
4, The standand Surface Quality is 60-40, Flatness: Lambda/4, Deviation: 3 arc minute.
5, We offer all kinds of anti-reflective (AR coating), high reflective (HR Coating) and partial reflective (PR Coating) coating according to customer's requirement.

Find out more or contact Fuzhou Intpho Technology Co., Ltd.

20 February 2017: Witness Samples

United Lens Company

ULC’s complete line of optical witness samples are ideal to use as coating witness samples for environmental testing and measuring spectral performance. They are a cost-effective choice when the same material type is required as your substrate. ULC manufactures witness samples in a variety of 185+ materials. Find what will work best for you on our website at www.UnitedLens.com.

Find out more or contact United Lens Company

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