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The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
2 - 7 February 2019
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Spread the word. Tips for sharing your Photonics West conference.

Tips for sharing with your network to get the most out of your participation

Leverage your network
We want you to get the most out of your participation in SPIE events--that's why we are encouraging you to share your involvement. Those who share their participation in at least some form are more likely to have a successful event experience and help attract others for further learning, collaboration, and discussion.

Below, find tips on how to share your participation. 

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18 January 2019

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Get tips on sharing with your network

Tip Sheet

You can benefit from sharing whether it is with an individual or thousands on social media.

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Learn how to share your profile from spie.org

Share a profile

Watch a 33-second video tutorial on how to share an SPIE profile on Twitter.

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Learn how to share content from spie.org

Share content

Watch a 1-minute video on how to share a conference on Twitter.

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Tips for Chairs: useful information about sharing

Chairs, get tips for sharing your conference program with your network

Now that the program is available, take advantage of your network to encourage their attendance at your conference. Tag potentially interested colleagues on LinkedIn, or ask organizations to share your conference via Twitter. Check out these example posts to get started.

Example 1:

Twitter We have some great presentations in store for #PhotonicsWest 2019. If you’ll be joining us in San Francisco, check out the Solid State Lasers conference starting on Monday, 4 February: https://spie.org/PWL/conferencedetails/solid-state-lasers


Example 2:

LinkedIn Will you be attending SPIE Photonics West in 2019? Come to the world's largest photonics technologies event and see the latest research in new laser sources, advanced technologies, components, and laser system designs at the Solid State Lasers conference beginning 4 February. https://spie.org/PWL/conferencedetails/solid-state-lasers #PhotonicsWest


Find more tips and tricks on our tip sheet:

Download the tip sheet

@PhotonicsWest on Twitter

Visit  on Twitter.