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SPIE BiOS Expo 2020 Contract Policy

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Exhibition Space Specifications
Exhibition and Policy Policy Information
SPIE Event Policies

Tabletop Displays include a 2ft.x6ft.x30in. table. Maximum height of the display from table surface is 5ft. and width cannot exceed 6ft. No floor-standing backdrops. Space includes draped table, 2 chairs, carpeting, waste basket and company ID sign. UTILITIES ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Booth Areas include 10ft.x10ft. display space defined by 8ft. pipe and drape back- and 3ft. side-walls and company ID sign. Height restriction is 8ft. UTILITIES AND BOOTH FURNISHINGS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Exhibitors are required to carpet booth area.

Islands are groupings of at least four booths (see guidelines above) not divided by pipe and drape, to be used for unified large displays. Height restrictions of 20ft. UTILITIES AND BOOTH FURNISHINGS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Exhibitors are required to carpet exhibit space.


1) LIABILITY: Upon approval of this contract by an authorized Exhibitor representative, it is expressly understood that the Ex­hibitor has read and agrees to abide by the SPIE liability policies outlined below. SPIE, and all organizations and individuals who are employed by/or associated with it, in connection with this Exhibition, will not assume responsibility and shall be held harm­less by all Exhibitors for damage or loss resulting from fire, theft, terrorism or threat of terrorism, or any other cause whatsoever, including accident or injury to exhibitors, their employees and agents, the public, or others. The Exhibitor agrees to pay promptly for any and all damages to the exhibition building or its equipment incurred through carelessness, or otherwise, of Exhibitor or its employees or agents.


• A minimum 25% deposit of the total contracted amount must accompany contract. Contracts submitted after 4 August 2019 require 100% payment.

• All contracted charges must be paid in full by 4 September 2019. On 5 September 2019, a 5% late fee will be added to all unpaid balances.

• On 4 October 2019, defaults in payment will result in cancellation of this contract (subject to the cancellation fee schedule).

No space or sponsorship will be reserved or assigned unless appropriate payment and signed contract are received at SPIE Headquarters at PO Box 10, Bellingham, WA 98227. Account delinquency will result in exhibitor's inability to exhibit or sponsor at contracted exhibition as well as book space in future exhibi­tions. For accounts with more than one unpaid invoice, all cash received will be paid to oldest invoice first.

3) CANCELLATION/SPACE REDUCTION: Any cancellation, space reductions, or requests for changes of this contract must be made in writing to SPIE, subject to the following fees:

• On or before 3 August 2019 - Eligible for full refund.

• Between 4 August 2019 - 3 October 2019 - Deposit forfeited; excess of deposit paid will be refunded in full.

• After 3 October 2019 - No refund.

In the event of cancellation or reduction of contracted space, and subject to the above schedule, SPIE shall retain the right to: resell cancelled space without rebate or allowance to the Exhibitor, can­cel requested affiliate space, and reduce priority points by 50% for non-participation. Non-participation over two consecutive years results in complete loss of priority points.

4) CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: Corporate membership pricing is valid only if the membership is in good standing and dues are fully paid through the duration of the contracted exhibition. If the membership expires prior to or dues are not fully paid at the time of the contracted exhibition, the exhibitor pricing reverts to the nonmember rates and the contracted exhibitor will be liable for the balance due SPIE.

5) SPACE ASSIGNMENT AND PAYMENT: SPIE reserves the right to determine final placement of the Exhibitor. A space may be revoked or changed by SPIE if payment is not in accordance with the payment schedule. SPIE retains the exclusive right to revise the exhibition floor plan and/or move assigned exhibitors as necessary. SPIE is not obligated to reimburse the exhibiting company for any costs stemming from relocation.

6) TRANSPORTATION/SETUP: All transportation costs, and any other costs related to exhibit setup not explicitly offered above by SPIE, are to be paid by the Exhibitor.

7) FORCE MAJEURE: In the event that the premises in which the Exhibition is or is to be conducted shall become, in the sole discretion of SPIE, unfit for occupancy, or in the event the holding of the Exhibition or the performance of SPIE under the Exhibit Reservation Contract (of which these Rules and Regulations are a part) are substantially or materially interfered with by virtue of any cause or causes not reasonably within the control of SPIE, said Contract and/or the Exhibition (or any part thereof) may be terminated by SPIE. SPIE shall not be responsible for delays, dam­age, loss, increased costs, or other unfavorable conditions arising by virtue of cause or causes not reasonably within the control of SPIE. If SPIE terminates said Contract and/or the Exhibition (or any part thereof) as aforesaid, then SPIE shall not be liable to the Exhibitor other than for a prorated refund of such Exhibitor's space price payment determined on the basis of the number of Exhibition days remaining. For purposes hereof, the phrase "cause or causes not reasonably within the control of SPIE" shall include, but not by way of limitation: fire, casualty, flood, epidemic, earthquake or inclement weather; explosion or accident; blockade or embargo; governmental restraints; restraints or orders of civil defense or military authorities; terrorism or threat of terrorism, act of public enemy, riot, or civil disturbance; strike, lockout, boycott, or other labor disturbance; inability to secure sufficient labor, technical, or other personnel; failure, impairment, or lack of adequate transportation facilities; inability to obtain, or con­demnation, requisition, or commandeering of necessary supplies or equipment; local, state, or Federal law, ordinances, rule, order decree, or regulation, whether legislative, executive, or judicial, and whether constitutional or unconstitutional; or Acts of God.

8) INSURANCE: Exhibitor shall, at its own expense, secure and maintain through the term of this contract, including move-in and move-out days, the insurance listed below. All such insurance shall be primary of any other valid and collectible insurance of Exhibitor and shall be written on per occurrence basis. Claims made policies are not acceptable and do not constitute compli­ance with Exhibitor's obligations under this paragraph. Required Coverages: (A) Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate, combined single limit for bodily injury, contractual, and operation of mobile equipment, products and liquor liability (if applicable); (B) Worker's Compensation insurance.

Exhibitor shall name SPIE as an additional insured on its general commercial liability insurance and provide SPIE with evidence thereof in the form of a certificate of insurance from their carrier, 30 days prior to show dates. Exhibitor acknowledges that SPIE has no obligations to maintain insurance on Exhibitor's behalf.

9) SECURITY: SPIE will provide general security service on a 24-hour basis to the Exhibition area from the beginning of setup hours through the conclusion of the Exhibition. However, SPIE is not responsible for loss or damage to Exhibitor's property. Exhibi­tors are advised to insure against these risks.

10) LOSSES: SPIE is not responsible for damage to Exhibitor's property or lost shipments either coming in or going out, nor for moving costs. Damage to inadequately packed property is Exhibi­tor's own responsibility. If exhibit materials, fixtures or equipment fails to arrive, Exhibitor is nevertheless responsible for the exhibit space reserved as per this contract. Exhibitors are advised to insure against these risks. 

11) SELLING ON THE SHOW FLOOR: The Technical Exhibition is limited to organizations with products or services related to the industry served by the event. Direct sales and/or delivery of non-related, retail or consumer products are prohibited without prior written approval from Exhibition Management. If an exhibitor violates these conditions their exhibit will be removed and exhibitor staff will leave without refund of any kind.

12) FOOD AND ALCOHOL: Food and alcohol must be supplied and served by facility catering services only. Exhibitors must obtain written permission from SPIE Exhibition Management along with a signed service agreement from the facility.

13) MUSIC LICENSING: No copyrighted music may be played in the exhibition area (including but not limited to: background music on video or audio presentations) without appropriate documented permissions and/or licensing, which is the responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain as well as pay any and all associated fees.

14) RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: Anyone indicat­ing disorderly, threatening, or unprofessional conduct may be removed from the premises by exhibition management. See SPIE Event Policies.

• All exhibitors will be listed in the SPIE Exhibitor Database for 11 months from exhibition date and receive a free, basic company listing in the Buyers Guide - each at no charge.

• Each contracted table-top exhibiting company will receive one non-author technical pass. All other contracted exhibiting companies receive two non-author passes.

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