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The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
2 - 7 February 2019
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AR, VR, MR presentations and panel discussions

Hear from the leading experts in the field of AR VR MR at the 2019 Conference

Join us at the second annual AR VR MR Conference, featuring must-see presentations and insight from the biggest names in the tech industry and up-and-coming XR companies.

This two-day event includes invited speakers, panel discussion, student design challenge, hands-on demos and the opportunity to network with leading companies looking for the latest talent.

Conference Dates
3 - 4 February 2019

Free to attend
but you must register

Registration opens
19 October 2018

2018 Invited Speakers and Topics

Morning session: The coming of age for VR headsets: hardware challenges
"VR / AR is dead, long live MR!" Well, maybe not yet, but soon. Virtual Reality (VR), born as a tool for gaming, enables people to immerse into a synthetically created environment. Augmented Reality (AR), augments the natural world with virtual objects. Mixed Reality (MR) can be described as a seamless experience ranging from VR to AR. Addressing key hardware challenges (especially optical), visual & wearable comfort, and immersion are key to consumer mass adoption of any of these technologies.

Introduction to hardware challenges in VR / AR
Bernard Kress, Conference Chair and Partner Optical Architect at Microsoft HoloLens

Four challenges facing VR/AR/MR displays
Ronald Azuma, Principal Engineer and Research Manager, Intel Labs

Vinay Narayan, Executive Director, VR @HTC VIVE, Tech Strategist and Advisor

VR at Google
Jerry Carollo, Optical Architect at Google

VR at Oculus
Doug Lanman, Director of Computational Imaging at Oculus Research

VR at Huawei
Tish Shute, Director AR/VR/MR, Corporate Technology Strategy, Huawei USA

Infrared mirrors for eye-tracking application
Timothy L. Wong, Electronics Materials Solutions Division, 3M

Optical sensors for human-computer interaction in AR/VR and beyond
Yiwen Rong, VP, Product Development of uSens

Designing and specifying digital cameras
Leo Baldwin, Amazon, Functional Photonics

Afternoon sessions: Visual comfort for immersive see through displays (AR and MR)

Smart glasses and AR headsets
John Haddick, CTO at Osterhout Group (ODG)

Mixed reality headsets and gesture sensing
Kari Pulli, CTO at Meta Vision

Monocular waveguide combiners for AR
Jonathan Waldern, Founder, Chairman & CTO at DigiLens

Optimizing Head-mounted light field displays for quality and comfort
Hong Hua, Professor at University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences

3D vision cues challenges for AR and VR
Marty Banks, Professor of Vision Science at UC Berkeley

Near-eye light field displays
Gordon Wetzstein, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University

Light field displays for flat panels
David Fattal, Founder & CEO at LEIA

Light field AR headset
Ed Tang, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Avegant

'Holograms' in the Wild: Ethnography, data, and design
Micah Tinklepaugh, Engineer, AR and AI at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)