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SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre
Brussels, Belgium
3 - 7 April 2016
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Participate in Photonics Innovation Village 2016 Submission Deadline is 11 December

Photonics Innovation Village at Photonics Europe

Photonics Innovation Village at SPIE Photonics Europe 2016 - showcase your teams' research and innovative product with a complimentary "mini-booth" in a special section of the exhibition.

Purpose of the Innovation Village
Support and publicise research teams from universities, non-profit institutions and research centres who are working on research, new applications and product development.
Provide free exhibition space together with broad exposure and publicity to the young innovators who are developing the photonics-based products of the future.
Showcase Europe's (and the world's) finest research programmes and to encourage the transfer of optics/photonics research and technology into new and useful products.
Benefits of participating in the Innovation Village/td>
The village will be open to all attendees of the Photonics Europe conference and the Photonics Europe exhibition, plus press and other officials, giving your product international visibility.
Press releases will be distributed to all industry publications and a description of all projects will appear on the SPIE web site.
A special effort will be made to invite Venture Capital companies, and being present in the Village will give you an opportunity to meet them.

2016 submission deadline is 11 December

Read 2016 submission guidelines and competition rules

Download 2016 submission rules and guidelines

The 7th edition of the Photonics Innovation Village will be organised by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. By taking part in the competition, innovative researchers will be able to showcase their latest research to industry innovators and other photonics visionaries.


Multilateral Projects:

High power adaptable laser beams for materials processing
HALO (Vivid Components) UK 

Integrated disruptive components for 2 μm fibre lasers
ISLA (Vivid Components) UK 

Mid-to near infrared spectroscopy for improved medical diagnostics
MINERVA (Vivid Components) UK

SPADnet: A Fully Digital, Scalable and Networked Photonic Component for Time‐of‐Flight PET Applications
SPADnet Switzerland

Detecting Bacteria Quickly – The Bioparticle Explorer
Detecting bacteria quickly (P4L) Germany

A portable diffuse optical Neuro-Monitor
ICFO (P4L) Germany

Phase-resolved and Time-resolved Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) Cameras
MiSPIA project (Politecnico di Milano) Italy

Individual Projects:

Infrared radiation sensor based on the fiber Bragg grating technology for early fire detection
UMons Belgium

LEDMOTIVE, light never seen
IREC Spain

Portable mid-infrared trace gas sensor for mobile applications
Empa Switzerland

LED matrix light engine
CMST Belgium

Novel devices for nano- and biophotonics
NB-Photonics Belgium

Solar Radiation Sensor Prototype
Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts USA