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Palais de la Musique et des Congrès
Strasbourg, France
22 - 26 April 2018
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Industry Events at SPIE Photonics Europe 2018

Industry Sessions. These free sessions will provide valuable information and networking for anyone, from engineers to CEOs, looking for the latest on industry insights.

SPIE Photonics Europe 2018 Industry Events. Join your peers at these free sessions in which you will hear industry leaders speak to the markets and opportunities for photonics in Europe. This session will provide valuable information and networking for anyone, from engineers to CEOs, looking for the latest on industry insights.

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4 Days, 5 Sessions, 23 Speakers

High-speed Laser Microprocessing
Recent advances in high average power, industrial ultrafast lasers have open the way for new laser processing applications, combining high throughput and superior precision and quality. Taking full advantage of the laser source however requires new processing strategies and beam engineering technologies, which will be the subject of this industrial session. 

Global Industry Update
A new report from the SPIE Industry Team presents the third biennial assessment of the world’s core photonics components marketplace. Based on a detailed review of supplier revenues and technology trends, this presentation delivers a unique global perspective of the photonics business, its key players, and its markets. 

Navigating the funding landscape in Europe
The funding landscape in Europe is complex and potentially overwhelming with a multitude of pan-European and national funding mechanisms available. This session explores some of the options available to those seeking funds and suggests strategies for navigating them. 

Photonics has been recognized by the European Union as one of (six) Key Enabling Technologies and is a source of numerous new applications in the life sciences. This industry session will provide an overview of recent innovative industrial developments in biophotonics that promise significant health benefits and market potential. 

Properties of Optical Glass and Special Optical Materials
SCHOTT offers an introduction to optical materials such as optical glass, special optical glass, filters from colored glasses or made by coating and the zero-expansion glass ceramic Zerodur.

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Special Events

 • Optical Design Challenge. A chance for students at Photonics Europe to pitch their optical design to industry. Over $40,000 in prizes.
 • Innovation Village Awards Ceremony
 • VR, AR, MR Hands-on Demos. The demos are open to attendees of Photonics Europe Conference, Industry Sessions, and / or Exhibition. You MUST reserve a time slot. Click here to reserve

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