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Strasbourg Convention & Exhibition Centre
Strasbourg, France
22 - 26 April 2018
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Hotel Information

Reserve your Hotel Room for Photonics Europe 2018

Book through Conference Direct and save money

It's also easy. Sort by prices, name, or distance to the convention center.

Book Online Now for Best Rates
Breakfast Buffet included for all hotels

Reserve By Phone

Monday - Friday 2:30pm to 3:00am CET
Within the U.S. Toll free: 844-876-1340 
International: 980-404-2054

Reserve By Email


The Conference Direct Team is a great resource, and the only official hotel provider for SPIE Photonics Europe. 

Phone: Within the U.S. 844-876-1340 | International 980-404-2054 

Please do not call SPIE directly to arrange hotel accommodations.

Additional Information & Deadline Dates

Hotel Reservation Details 

To guarantee a room reservation, requests must include your valid credit card information. Problems or delays with your payment may affect your hotel request.

Cancellation Deadline

Individual cancellations will incur a full cancellation fee if made less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the arrival date or if the reservation is a no show.

Some hotels impose an early departure fee.

Information Shared by Hotels - Attendee understands that if an audit to verify occupancy in the contracted rooms is necessary, reservation information will be shared by the hotels with the SPIE Photonics Europe Housing to facilitate the audit.

Exercise due diligence when approached by vendors not endorsed by SPIE. Any solicitations or representations of housing for the convention without the official contractor logo are not endorsed by SPIE, and we advise you to NOT book with them due to misrepresentation of SPIE housing services and inherent risks. Read more.

Official Hotel Supplier - ConferenceDirect

Receive the best discounts on hotels with SPIE and ConferenceDirect

ConferenceDirect is the official Hotel Supplier for SPIE Photonics Europe 2018. Attendees can obtain discounted convention rates by reserving through the official Housing Reservation system using the links above.

SPIE is pleased to be partnering with ConferenceDirect to provide an enhanced attendee experience for housing services. Through this partnership, we have negotiated the best possible rates, in a wide range of prices, to provide value selection for attendees. You will find approximately 14 hotels to choose from with complimentary internet access, a user-friendly housing web-page experience, and personalized assistance from ConferenceDirect should any issues arise concerning housing.

Reserving within the official SPIE Photonics Europe housing reservation system is what enables SPIE to secure better rates for our attendees, as well as to contract desirable space and dates for the future of Photonics Europe. Rate range from EUR 112 to 230.

Thank you for booking within the official hotel block. SPIE appreciates your support and understanding of this important issue.

Warning: Unofficial Hotel Solicitations

To receive special hotel rates for this meeting, you must use the SPIE Official Hotel Supplier, ConferenceDirect. SPIE strongly recommends you DO NOT book housing from any company that contacts you via phone or email.

SPIE Official Contractor

  • The reservation system that SPIE uses for this event is available only via the Hotel page on the event website.
  • SPIE Official Housing Suppliers use an Official SPIE Contractor logo to verify they are authorized by SPIE
  • Our housing suppliers DO NOT reach out to you with solicitations.
  • Our housing suppliers may follow up with you about housing once you have begun booking via our website, but NOT as an initial solicitation.
  • SPIE cannot be liable for any claims made by unofficial entities or for any damages suffered by you if you use any vendor or service that is not an SPIE Official Housing Supplier.

They are careful what they claim in writing and often want to make arrangements by phone to avoid a paper trail. Beware of such unsolicited or unofficial housing claims as they can lead to hidden penalties, or no reservations at check-in.

These not are official SPIE communications; these entities are unaffiliated with our event or SPIE, and are using black market attendee lists. For the most part, many of the claims are misleading or factually inaccurate. The language used often implies that the entity soliciting you is providing the housing for one of our SPIE events and frequently claim one of the following:

  • Hotels are selling fast
  • There is limited availability and need to act quickly
  • They have the best rates
  • There was some problem with your hotel reservation and they need to assist you by having you book with them

Some of the entities who have sent unofficial solicitations known to SPIE are:

• Convention Housing Services 
• Convention Housing Authority 
• CMI Event Travel
• Corporate Booking Services /
CBS International      
• Event Travel Planners
• Expo Housing Services
• Exhibitors Housing Management
• Exhibitors Housing Services
• Fair Express Ltd.
• Global Travel Partners

• Global Housing Services Corp.
• Global Expo
• Global Exhibit Travel Arrangements
• National Travel Associates
• Pkghlrss.com (Bte Bedampfungstechnik GmbH)
• Trade Fair Trips Ltd.
• Travel Era
• TS Housing
• Askeventz.com

Did you book unofficially?
If you have already made hotel reservations through an unofficial solicited source, please contact the hotel directly to verify the validity of your reservation. Additionally, you can contact your credit card company to cancel the charge if you made that reservation under false pretenses or if you call the hotel and find there is no room being held for you via this unofficial housing entity. Some of these unofficial housing entities sell rooms they do not hold at a given hotel, or they will tell you that they could not get you into the hotel they booked for you and switch you to a lower class hotel.

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Important Author Dates

Post-Meeting Manuscripts
26 March 2018

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