Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
1 - 4 October 2006

Past Event Overview

Optics East is a multidisciplinary event made up of 30 conferences focusing on sensors, life sciences, advanced telecom, and core technologies such as optomechatronics, photonic crystals and nanotechnology.

1628 Attendees
950 Presentations
118 Exhibitors

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  • Sensors and Industry Applications
  • Life Sciences
  • Communications/ITCom
  • Core Technology Conferences

Tuan Vo-Dinh,
Duke Univ.
Sensors and Industry Applications Symposium Chair

Robert A. Lieberman,
Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
Sensors and Industry Applications Symposium Chair

J. Paul Robinson,
Purdue Univ.
Life Sciences Symposium Chair

Achyut K. Dutta,
Banpil Photonics
Communications/ITCom Symposium Chair

Werner Weiershausen,
T-Systems International GmbH (Germany)
Communications/ITCom Symposium Chair