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Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
14 - 18 April 2019
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Oral Presentation Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines and information to facilitate the successful delivery of your oral presentation. Give considerable thought to the design and preparation of your presentation so that it is effective and informative.

Presenting in the Meeting Room using LaunchPad: NEW PROCESS

  • Speakers are not able to present using their own devices
  • UPLOAD your presentation to LaunchPad (2 options):
    1. In advance via spieuploads.com (at least 36 hours before event begins)
    2. Onsite at Speaker Check-in using your USB device (at least 2 hours before session)
  • Technicians can assist you with uploading your talk at one of the upload kiosks, after which you will be able to test it on a simulated lectern setup
  • When you are finished previewing, your presentation will be accessible to you in the conference room during your session only
  • Bring a back-up copy of your presentation to your session
  • Questions? See spieuploads.com for additional information. Further questions? Contact your SPIE Conference Program Coordinator

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AV Equipment in the Meeting Room 

Each meeting room will have the following audiovisual equipment: 

  • Screen and LCD Projector (aspect ratio 16:9; resolution 1920x1080)
  • LaunchPad on Apple Macbook, which natively supports virtually every file type (Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) created on Mac or Windows (presentations must be preloaded to LaunchPad)
  • Lapel microphone (please wear to ensure audience comprehension)
  • Sound connection from the laptop.

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Laser Pointer Safety 

SPIE requires use of a Class II or Class IIIa red laser pointer from a reliable and credible manufacturer:

  • SPIE Laser Pointers will be provided in all meeting rooms, and will be found at the presentation counter located near the front of the room
  • If you wish to use your own laser pointer you must have it tested at Speaker Check-in
  • Please be mindful when using any laser pointer device to keep it only pointed at the screen, and alert any persons standing or sitting anywhere near the pointers direction. In many states, it is a criminal misdemeanor to shine a laser pointer at individuals "who perceive they are at risk." Read further information about laser pointer safety.

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SPIE Meeting Policies & Your Security 

Photography and Audio or Video Capturing

Due to copyright restrictions, strictly no recordings of any kind are permitted without prior written consent of the speaker in any conference session, short course or posters session. Consent forms are available at the SPIE Registration Desk and anyone wishing to record must have a written consent form signed and filed for each speaker being recorded. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to leave a given session and asked to surrender their film or recording media.

Unsecured Items

Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, coats, book bags, etc. should not be left unattended in meeting rooms or public areas. These items will be subject to removal by security upon discovery.

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Presentation Recording

To provide the research community with enhanced access to information presented at SPIE conferences, SPIE will record the audio plus screen content of oral presentations and, with author permission only, will publish the recordings on the SPIE Digital Library. The contact author can change the permission to publish this recording at any time prior to publication by logging on to their account at http://spie.org/myaccount

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LaunchPad FAQs

Can I use my personal laptop?
No, personal laptops are NOT permitted. Laptops are provided in each session room, and presentations must be uploaded at least two hours prior to the start of your session (see upload options below). We require that all presentations utilize the provided laptops in the interest of staying on schedule.

How can I submit my presentation in advance?
You may upload your presentation online at spieuploads.com until 24 hours prior to the start of the event. Once onsite, visit us at Speaker Check-in at least two hours before your session to review and practice your talk. Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB device in case you decide to make changes.

How can I submit my presentation onsite?
Bring your USB device to Speaker Check-in at least two hours before your session. Have a seat at one of the automated upload kiosks. Enter your name and follow the step-by-step instructions to upload your file(s). Here you may view your presentation and make any last-minute edits. Technicians will be available onsite to assist you.

Where is Speaker Check-in?
See conference program for Speaker Check-in location(s).

How do I preview my presentation?
If you’ve uploaded your presentation in advance, visit Speaker Check-in at least two hours before your session begins, and you can review and practice your talk.
If you’ve uploaded your presentation onsite, you will be prompted to proceed to a practice kiosk where you can review and practice your talk.
When you are finished previewing, your presentation will be accessible to you in the conference room during your session only.
Bring a back-up copy of your presentation to the meeting room.

Do I need to name my file in any special way?
No. LaunchPad will automatically rename your file(s).

How late can I submit a file?
We require all uploads to be submitted at least two hours before your session.

What file types are accepted?
The system handles just about any kind of presentation file (Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), whether you made it on a Mac or PC. (Please note: LibreOffice files are not supported.)

How do I upload a web-based presentation?
If your presentation is web based (e.g. Google Presentations), instead of using the upload portal below you may email the publicly accessible link to your presentation to spie-upload@warpspeedtech.com. We will send you a confirmation email letting you know that your presentation is successfully uploaded and accessible. Note: If you are using Prezi, your presentation should be downloaded for offline viewing and the zip file should be uploaded in advance via spieuploads.com or at Speaker Check-in onsite.

Is there a size limit?
There are no limits on file size.

What aspect ratio should I use?
To utilize the full screen, you should create your presentation in “widescreen” format (16:9). If you’ve already made your presentation and do not want to change it, it will still work; however you will simply have black bars on either side of your slides in the meeting room (similar to watching old TV episodes on your new flat screen).

How should I include media files and movies?
LaunchPad supports any media file type, and once again there are no size limits. We recommend including your media files into your primary presentation as a slide. An important note- please bring all media files with you when you upload your talk, even if you’ve embedded them in your talk. While we can help with many aspects of your talk on-site, we can’t “fix” a missing media file.

If I find a mistake, can I re-upload my file?
Yes. You may re-upload as many times as you would like onsite at Speaker Check-in.

How do I launch my talk in my session?
In the session room there will be a list of the presentations within the session. Just click on the one with your name on it.

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Important Author Dates

Abstracts Due
3 October 2018
Late submissions considered

Author Notification
10 December 2018

Manuscripts Due
20 March 2019

Applications Due 10 October

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