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Pacifico Yokohama
Yokohama, Japan
14 - 19 June 2020
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Oral Presentation Guidelines for Authors and Presenters

Follow these guides for a successful oral presentation.

Presenting your work at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation
Please read the following guidelines and information to facilitate the successful delivery of your oral presentation. Give considerable thought to the design and preparation of your presentation so that it is effective and informative.

Abstract Due
13 November 2019

Author Notification
23 February 2020

Manuscripts Due
16 May 2020

AV Equipment in meeting rooms

A/V Equipment

Each meeting room will be equipped with:
• Screen and LCD Projector (aspect ratio 16:9; resolution 1920x1080)
• PC-Based Computer workstation with CD-R Drive and USB Connection
  NOTE: Meeting room laptop runs in extended mode to allow for Presenter View with
  PowerPoint. If presenting a PDF, you will have
to move your presentation to the
  display screen.

• Lapel microphone (please wear to ensure audience comprehension)
• Sound connection from the Computer workstation
• HDMI and mini-DP cables for presenting with your own device.
  NOTE: Please bring any necessary adapters. 
• 1/8" mini jack headphone-style audio cable for broadcasting your device's sound.


Most recent versions of the following software and plug-ins will be available:
• Microsoft Windows
• Microsoft Office
• Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader
• Media Player
• Adobe Flash Player
• Microsoft PowerPoint™
• Apple Quicktime

There is no internet provided in any of the meeting rooms.

Presenting using the meeting room computer


Using a USB Mass Storage Device (Flash Drive):
• Connect your USB Device to the laptop at the presentation counter.
• Copy your file(s) to the laptop.

file folder

Audio and Video Links:
Presentations with audio and video links need to have the linked files in the same folder as the presentation file and the entire folder copied to the meeting room computer unless you are using your own laptop or similar device.

Please arrive before the conference begins in the morning, at a coffee break, or at lunch break prior to your scheduled presentation to upload your presentation to the workstation in your meeting room on the day of your presentation. Presentations will be deleted from the meeting room workstations at the end of each day as a security measure.

Presenting using your device


Using your laptop, iPad, or other device:
• Make sure you have the appropriate adapter to connect to HDMI
• Connect to the HDMI cable on the presentation counter 
• Use the switcher to display your device on the screen 
• Close all other applications on your laptop when presenting
• Connect your headphone jack or audio-out port to the 1/8" Mini-plug located at the
  presentation counter (if needed)

Laser Pointer Safety

laser pointer

SPIE requires a Class II or Class IIIa red laser pointer from a reliable and credible manufacturer.
• SPIE Laser Pointers will be provided in all meeting rooms, and will be found at
  the presentation counter located near the front of the room.

• If you wish to use your own laser pointer you must have it tested at Speaker Check-in.
• Please be mindful when using any laser pointer device to keep it only pointed at
  the screen, and alert any persons standing or sitting anywhere near the pointers direction.
  In many states, it is a criminal misdemeanor to shine a laser pointer at individuals
  "who perceive they are at risk." Read further information about laser pointer safety.  

Meeting policies and your security

Your Safety Your Safety
SPIE is committed to providing a harassment and discrimination free experience for everyone at our meetings so that participants may exchange ideas, learn, network, and socialize in the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual respect. Download SPIE Code of Conduct PDF.
Your Belongings Your Belongings
Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, coats, book bags, etc. should not be left unattended in meeting rooms or public areas. These items will be subject to removal by security upon discovery.
Your Approval Your Material
Due to copyright restrictions, strictly no recordings of any kind are permitted without prior written consent of the speaker in any conference session, short course or posters session. Consent forms are available at the SPIE Registration Desk and anyone wishing to record must have a written consent form signed and filed for each speaker being recorded. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to leave a given session and asked to surrender their film or recording media.