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San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, California, United States
23 - 27 February 2020
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SPIE Safe Meeting Policy

SPIE is committed to providing a harassment- and discrimination-free experience for everyone at our events, an experience that embraces the richness of diversity where participants may exchange ideas, learn, network, and socialize in the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual respect. 

SPIE does not tolerate harassment of event participants, attendees, exhibitors, speakers, volunteers, contractors, service providers, venue staff, or SPIE staff. These policies linked below apply to all SPIE meeting-related events, including those sponsored by other organizations but held in conjunction with SPIE events, in public or private facilities.

SPIE Anti-Harassment Policy (PDF)

SPIE Code of Conduct (PDF)

SPIE Event Policies

Reporting of Unethical or Inappropriate Behavior

If you have been the object of, have observed, or know of any conduct violating any policy listed above, you are encouraged to promptly report the incidents(s) to any SPIE Staff member. If you feel in immediate danger, please dial the local emergency number for police intervention.

SPIE has established a confidential reporting system for staff and all meetings participants to raise concerns about possible unethical or inappropriate behavior within our community. Complaints may be filed by phoning toll-free to +1-888-818-6898 from within the United States and Canada, or online at www.SPIE.ethicspoint.com and may be made anonymously.