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San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, California, United States
23 - 27 February 2020
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Exhibitor Product Announcements

Product announcements will be posted as they are received.

8 January 2019: LithoSpin DUO-S


The LithoSpin DUO-S inherits the evolutionary DNA of the SOKUDO DUO, featuring a state-of-the-art immersion ArF exposure unit in an inline configuration for the superior productivity and processing capability of over 320 WPH. An array of the latest functions specifically designed to meet customer needs makes the LithoSpin DUO-S the ideal solution for semiconductor device production in an ever more demanding market.

Find out more or contact SCREEN SPE USA, LLC

4 January 2019: Projection Exposure System, Mask Aligner, Inpsection & Repair System

Seiwa Optical America Inc.

Seiwa Optical America will introduce the following customizable product solutions for the micro LED market:
- Projection Exposure System
- Mask Aligner
- Inspection & Repair System

Find out more or contact Seiwa Optical America Inc.

30 November 2018: 2 nm Asymmetric P-Nylon Filter

Pall Corp.

Pall will introduce the 2 nm Asymmetric Nylon filter designed for the most advanced patterning applications. The new 2 nm version filter represents the one of the cleanest and tightest nylon 6,6 lithography filter Pall has ever developed to specifically target defects in the 10 nm and below semiconductor patterning processes. All 2 nm Asymmetric Nylon filters offer guaranteed low metal, particle and organics contributions to the photochemical process. It is designed to significantly reduce filter start up time, tool down time and minimize chemical waste associated with finer lithography filters.

Find out more or contact Pall Corp.

30 November 2018: Modular Single Integrated Ultra-High Vacuum electrical and optical feedthroughs


Our high quality and modular electrical and optical feedthroughs assure our customers of the highest quality, robustness, and reliability for their most demanding applications. Through the use of our unique joining technology and the application of preferred materials and material combinations, the highest demands for Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) and Ultra Clean Vacuum (UCV) systems are met. Depending on the chosen materials and configuration, the functionality is guaranteed for temperatures from cryogenic up to 500 degrees Celsius, without degradation.
The applications are highly varied: from the most demanding next generation micro-lithography and electron microscopes to high-pressure applications, highly demanding offshore solutions and non-magnetic products. Even for the most aggressive environments and process conditions.
With the aid of direct glass-metal joinings, it is possible to realize feedthroughs without any unnecessary connections and, because of this, without virtual leaks. Direct glass-metal joining provides for unprecedented integration and a unique high-performance functionality. The result is the ultimate feedthrough, with respect to outgassing and purity as well as functionality and reliability.
Thanks to their experience of many years, the LouwersHanique engineers have accrued boundless know-how regarding the optimization of matching materials, given the various expansion coefficients, viscosity and joining temperatures. Various technologies are applied, such as direct joining, soldering, and thermo-compression. The direct bonding of glass with various types of metal (including Tungsten, Molybdenum, Fernico, Platinum, Nickel, SS, Aluminium, Titanium) are routinely processes.
LouwersHanique specializes in the processing of various high-quality glass materials
Many connector types are available, such as sub-D, Harting, LEMO and optical fiber. Almost any combination is possible from low-noise coaxial to high power, high voltage, optical and more. These combinations are supplied on a custom basis.
It is our goal to make the life of our customers as easy as possible. From concept development to prototyping and from regular delivery to logistics management, including cleanroom grade cleaning, SPC process control, complete qualification and certification, state-of-the-art finishing and cleaning technology. These capabilities also include Helium leak testing, RGA qualifications, 3D measuring technologies, power measurements and white light interferometry.
The markets served by these solutions include the following: semiconductors, optoelectronics, analytics, sensors, energy (offshore and onshore extraction of gas and oil), medical equipment, microfluidics, and defense.

Find out more or contact LouwersHanique

24 August 2018: AMC100 - New Motion Controller Enhances Power and Usability

attocube systems Inc.

attocube, technology leader for nanoprecise motion solutions, announces its new controller AMC100, which is available for all Industrial Line temperature positioners. The new hardware features higher peak currents to improve the performance of the positioners. It is available in an open-loop version or with integrated feedback loop for optoelectronic /NUM(+)-sensors. The new control unit offers Ethernet connectivity and a redesigned GUI which allows for intuitive and easy operation of unlimited number of controllers in a single window.

Like its predecessor it can be controlled via DLL and LabView drivers and - as additional feature - also via platform independent JSON commands. Following demands for easy OS-independent control, the integrated webserver offers all basic functionality, such as initializing and driving the positioners from any device using a web browser. Advanced in- and output trigger interfaces are also optionally available as an option.

Find out more or contact attocube systems Inc.

18 July 2018: Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) mask handling


Gudeng Precision has contributed to developing innovative technology and has been a technological leader of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) mask handling. The trend of advanced process below 7nm is unstoppable. The EUV is the key factor to meet the linewidth standard, enhance the efficiency of exposure and increase the productivity for the 7nm process. In line with the global semiconductor customers’ development process, Gudeng developed corresponding mask handling solutions, that is, EUV technology since seven years ago.

Predictably, large fabs will go for mass production this and next year. The demand for equipment will increase and directly drive the orders of pod. In this critical period, Gudeng has been working closely with various equipment manufacturers to carry out product certification and keep up with customers’ pace. In summary, EUV POD is equipped with following basic features:

  Used in Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) technology for defect-free reticle handling.
  Qualified by leading lithography equipment suppliers and met the requirements of the semiconductor industry.
  A dual pod design which has both an inner carrier and outer shell to maintain a contamination-free environment.
  Provide defect-free protection of EUV reticles during shipping, storage, handling and transporting in vacuum operations.

However, Gudeng continues to upgrade the technology and mass production ability of the EUV POD, preparing for a new generation of semiconductor manufacturing process. The latest version of the EUV POD will be based on the latest ASML particle isolating standards.

The technology of EUV will greatly influence the development of carriers and equipment in the coming years while Gudeng is ready to break through possible challenges with our key customers and further accumulate technical knowledge and experiences. Looking into 2018 and 2019, Gudeng is positive with our EUV knowledge and our rising visibility in global market.

Find out more or contact GUDENG PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

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