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San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, California, United States
25 February - 1 March 2018
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Exhibitor Product Announcements

Product announcements will be posted as they are received.

22 January 2018: EM-5131 Laser-based mask defect repair system


The tool allows to repair masks with various masking coating: chromium, chromium oxide, and iron oxide.

Main features:

removal of opaque defects;
repair of transparent defects;
femtosecond laser allows to perform damage-free processing of the mask substrate;
TV observation of defect finding, alignment and stage travel to the specified zone of a defect;
angular mask orientation and reference system binding;
process parameter setting in automatic and manual modes.

Minimum diametr of defects under repaired, µm:
- transparent 0.25
- opaque 0.25
Working field size, mm 160х160
Angular position of an area under repair, degrees,° 0...90
Accuracy of laser beam pointing at an opaque defect, nm 100
Opaque defect programmable size resolution, nm 100
Power consumption, not more than, kW 4

Find out more or contact KBTEM-OMO JSC

22 January 2018: EM-5189 Multibeam laser pattern generator


The EM-5189-xx tool is used for making metallized photomasks and wafers in the production process of LSIs, VLSIs and other electronic devices. Patterns are written aligned with previous layers' patterns. Mask/wafer mode time is just 5 minutes.

The patterning is based on a 16-channel raster-beam scanning principle.

The exposure system features a continuous 355 nm optical pump UV semiconductor laser system.

MTBF is 20000 hours (~10 years).

Laser model: Coherent Genesis CX355-250 STM.

Minimum feature size 600 nm

Exposure time of 100x100mm area 60 min

Exposure field size - 215x215 mm

Overlay accuracy - 70 nm

Address grid increment - 1.25 nm

Power consumption, 5 kW

Find out more or contact KBTEM-OMO JSC

22 January 2018: EM-6x29 Automatic Mask Pattern Inspection Tool


90 nm technology node Automatic Mask Pattern Inspection tool for pattern features of 0.25 , 0.15, 65 nm pixel sizes, Die-to-Database defect inspection to SEMI standards, high throughput, low COO

EM-6329R is applied for automatic inspection of reticles and work photomasks with transparent and opaque defects: pindots, pinholes, protrusions, mouse bites, shorts between features, breaks, corner roundings, size shifts, half-tone defects, etc. according to SEMI standars.

The automatic defect inspection is performed through die-to-database inspection to SEMI standards.After completion of inspection cycle, the defect list is formed and the operator observes the defects on the display screen.

Minimum detected defect size - 0.15 µm

Inspection time of 100x100mm area - 25 min

Inspection time of 100x100mm area with doubled pixel(0.5µm) - 7 min

Working field size - 153х153 mm

X-Y stage resolution - 5 nm

Visual channel magnification factor 150, 600, 2000

Reference image feature size correction range- 50 ... 250 nm

Defect programmed filtering range - 0.25 ... 2.5µm

Pellicle frame maximum height (at each side of a mask)- 8 mm

Database formats ZBA,GDS,DXF, proprietory

Power consumption - 1.8 kW

Find out more or contact KBTEM-OMO JSC

17 January 2018: UHV Ceramic to Metal Feedthroughs

Cosmotec, Inc.


Over 25 years of excellence. Now in Silicon Valley.

Because cutting corners isn't an option.

We, at COSMOTEC, design the highest quality feedthroughs available on the market today.
Perfection you can count on our CUSTOM PRODUCTS.
Large inventory in Silicon Valley, US and Japan make SAME DAY SHIPPING.

We work very closely with our clients, scientists, corporations, researchers, government
labs, universities and individuals. Cosmotec respect the accomplishments or achievements with the people involved.
We will amaze you with our custom manufacturing capabilities. Whether it is "one
quantity" order, Cosmotec will work at its best to not let our clients down. We will "WORK TOGETHER" with our clients and find the best solution. Whether they are isolators, ceramic feedthroughs, coaxial and multi-pin connectors, coaxial connectors, multi-pin connectors, double-ended connectors, floating coaxial connectors,
multi-pin connectors, isolator flanges, ceramic isolator flanges, sapphire windows, single-crystal sapphire material, ceramic-to-metal bonding technology, we will provide solutions.

✔QUALITY: Highest quality components available. Leak-tested, inspected and quality assured. Our products come with a 1-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

✔CUSTOM PRODUCTS: Perfection you can count on. Customized ceramic-to-metal components for your every need that will exceed your expectations.

✔DELIVERY: Large inventory in Silicon Valley, U.S. and Tokyo, Japan. Same day shipping makes your business run smoothly.

Find out more or contact Cosmotec, Inc.

9 January 2018: Dry Film Epoxy Photoresists from DJ Microlaminates

Integrated Micro Materials

Integrated Micro Materials is please to announce our exclusive North American distribution agreement with DJ Microlaminates for ADEX and SUEX brand dry film epoxy photoresists.

With high resolution, high aspect ratios, and excellent uniformity characteristics, these easy to apply materials are well-suited for a range of applications in the fields of semiconductors and wafer-level packaging processes, electronic components, MEMs and BioMEMS, microfluidics structures, consumer, and medical devices and displays.

DJ MicroLaminates’ dry film resist sheets and rolls have no edge bead, no mess or waste from spin coating, and excellent thickness uniformity. Using low cost lamination equipment, these films apply quickly and do not require the long dry times typical of liquid photoimageable materials.

These innovative photoimagable epoxy sheets are pre-cut to wafer or substrate dimensions and available in thicknesses ranging 5 microns to 1mm. Thinner films are offered in roll format as well.

Find out more or contact Integrated Micro Materials

8 January 2018: Oktolex™ Membrane Technology

Entegris, Inc.

Oktolex™ Membrane Technology Improve Yield in ArF, KrF, and EUV Lithography for Logic, DRAM, and 3D NAND Devices. Oktolex’s revolutionary membranes remove critical photochemical contaminants by enhancing the native retention mechanisms of each membrane type to match the needs of each chemistry. By matching membrane characteristics with specific contaminant-adsorption mechanisms, Oktolex membranes further optimize removal performance with no adverse interactions with the chemical composition.

Find out more or contact Entegris, Inc.

28 December 2017: MaxEUV High Efficiency Multilayer Optics for 13.5 nm, 6.x, and XUV

Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc.

Optimized multilayer design for the highest possible performance for your specific optical design. High peak reflectivity, uniformity, 1D & 2D d-spacing profile precision ± 0.005 nm rms. Large production capability with load-locked deposition chambers, handling linear sizes up to 1.5m x 0.5m and diameters up to 750mm.

Illumination systems for EUV call for demanding requirements to the mirror substrates and theircoating. The main technical challenges are:
•Highly curved, off-axis optical surfaces
•Low high-spatial frequency roughness to
maximize coating reflectivity
•Highly graded multilayer d-spacing distribution
•Dissimilar multilayer gradients in tangential and
sagittal directions
These substrate and multilayer characteristics, together with the optical design of the illumination system, ensure the desired flux distribution in the sample plane or in the intermediate focus of an optical system. RIT has the capabilities to overcome these technical challenges and provide the best quality and efficiency in EUV Illumination and Collector Optics.

Find out more or contact Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc.

30 November 2017: Selected Components for RTP Chambers

amcoss GmbH

amcoss offers repair service for exclusive parts for RTP process chambers: Reflector Plates, RTP Races, Lamp Heads, Temp Match Tool Calibration, Pyrometer Calibration, and Light Pipes for RTP Pyrometers.
End users are regularly confronted with corrosion of coatings or with wear of components used in the RTP chamber. Light reflectivity drops. Operational liability of the parts is no longer guaranteed.
Often, our customers have to face the challenge that OEMs´ will only offer cost-intensive original parts and that there are no options to repair complex RTP components appropriately. This is different with amcoss: we offer high-end repair service.
At first all parts are being inspected and measured. Coatings will be removed by using special techniques. The de-coated surface will then be worked on mechanically and finally polished. Afterwards a new coating will be applied. Every step is of course be monitored.
In the end you will receive a reworked component which as far as performance is concerned will be as good as a new one. The RTP process itself is not be affected by using refurbished components. Quality and price are remarkable.

Find out more or contact amcoss GmbH

30 November 2017: Digital Gradient Filter for ASML Steppers

amcoss GmbH

amcoss creates digital gradient filters which show dramatic improvements of uniformity. Compared to standard analog filters, the use of digital ones results in better uniformity, as the filter is tailored to the intensity profile of the wafer stepper (ASML).
Illumination intensity and uniformity drop in every stepper due to a degradation of the machine´s optics. amcoss provides special gradient filters that are used to compensate this shift.
Digital gradient filters are tailored to the intensity profile of the stepper. The design starts with this current profile. The stepper measures the light intensity in a matrix of points and creates a data file. So as to take this data all existing gradient filters are removed, because otherwise the profile would be distorted.
The challenge then is to create from this data an individual filter that will compensate for non-uniformity at a minimum loss of light wafer illumination. amcoss is one of the very few companies that have the knowledge to design and fabricate such filters.
amcoss already engineered and supplied a multitude of digital gradient filters for (ASML) wafer steppers. All tests and measurements in the field proved, that our filters provide significant better uniformity and light intensity.

Find out more or contact amcoss GmbH

30 November 2017: 3rd Condenser Lenses

amcoss GmbH

Refurbishment of degraded 3rd Condenser Lenses is one of our company´s absolute areas of expertise. Dozens of successfully refurbished lenses within shortest processing time speak in our favour.
Non-uniform intensity distribution in the Canon FPA3000 optics is mainly due to degradation of the coatings of the 3rd Condenser Lenses.
First, we do a detailed inspection of the complete lens, then we disassemble it. We remove optical coatings, polish the surfaces and test. After cleaning, the surfaces are coated and tested again. We do the final assembly in our clean room, as well as ultimate extensive measurements.
In our in-house lab we are able to do high precision measurements of transmission, reflection, intensity and uniformity with professional measuring tools.
Data from the production equipment, taken under real conditions during the production process at our customers, additionally and reliably prove the quality of the amcoss-refurbishment. After repair the intensity & uniformity are equal to a new lens.
amcoss provides appreciable value-added to our customers: not only with the significant improvement of all important parameters, highest quality and dramatic cost reduction, but also with shortest possible throughput times of refurbishment.

Find out more or contact amcoss GmbH

22 November 2017: EUV reticle carrier

Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

The products we have designed are focused on reticle or wafer carrier related solutions, like EUV reticle carrier, RSP150, RSP200, 300mm FOUP, 450mm FOUP, Cassette, shipping box, reticle cleaner, carrier cleaner and stockers.

Find out more or contact Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

9 October 2017: ECSz3030 – vertical piezo drive for 8 N and minimum mounting space

attocube systems Inc.

Nanopositioning of high loads, such as detectors or cameras can be a difficult task. In addition, many applications require large travel ranges, but have limited installation space available. attocube’s new ECSz3030 piezo drive has been especially developed to meet these demands: it offers an orientation independent force of 8 N over a travel range of 5 mm, and requires minimum installation space.
The ECSz3030 is the perfect choice for lateral motion setups, and can be easily combined with the whole range of rotators, goniometers and linear positioners of attocube’s Industrial Line portfolio.

Find out more or contact attocube systems Inc.

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