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Awards presented at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2017

Awards presented at the 2017 Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography Conference

The 2016 Diana Nyyssonen Memorial Award for Best Paper

was presented to
Vassilios Constantoudis, Vijaya-Kumar Murugesan Kuppuswamy, Evangelos Gogolides, NCSR Demokritos, (Greece) and Nanometrisis P.C. (Greece); Alessandro Vaglio Pret, KLA-Tencor Corp. (Belgium) and IMEC (Belgium); Hati Pathangi, Roel Gronheid, IMEC (Belgium)

for their presentation Challenges in LER/CDU metrology in DSA: placement error and cross-line correlations [9778-143]

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The 2017 Karel Urbanek Best Student Paper Award

was presented to
Student, Christina Porter, JILA(USA), and co-authors Michael Tanksalvala, Univ. of Colorado Boulder (USA); Dennis Gardner Jr., Michael Gerrity, and Giulia Mancini, JILA (USA); Xiaoshi Zhang, Kapteyn-Murnane Labs., Inc. (USA); Galen Miley, Northwestern Univ. (USA); Elisabeth Shanblatt, Univ. of Colorado Boulder (USA); Benjamin Galloway, Charles Bevis, Nara Noeur, Robert Karl Jr., Daniel Adams, Henry Kapteyn, and Margaret Murnane, JILA (USA)

for their presentation Sub-wavelength transmission and reflection mode tabletop imaging with 13nm illumination via ptychography CDI [10145-113]

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Awards presented at the 2017 Advances in Patterning Materials and Processing Technology Conference

The 2016 C. Grant Willson Award for Best Paper

was presented to
Dario L. Goldfarb, Ali Afzali-Ardakani, Martin Glodde, IBM T.J. Watson Research Ctr. (USA)

for their presentation Acid generation efficiency: EUV photons versus photoelectrons [9779-8]

The 2016 Hiroshi Ito Memorial Award for the Best Student Paper

was presented to
Corinne L. Carpenter, Kris Delaney, Glenn H. Fredrickson, Univ of California, Santa Barbara (USA)

for their presentation Directed self-assembly of diblock copolymers in multi-VIA configurations: effect of chemopatterned substrates on defectivity [9779-47]

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The 2016 Jeffrey Byers Memorial Best Poster Award

was presented to Shinji Kobayashi, Soichiro Okada, Satoru Shimura, Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd. (Japan); Kathleen Nafus, Carlos Fonseca, Tokyo Electron America, Inc. (USA); Marc Demand, Serge Biesemans, Tokyo Electron Europe LTD. (Belgium); Janko Versluijs, Monique Ercken, Philippe Foubert, imec (Belgium); Shinobu Miyazaki, Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd. (Japan)

for their presentation Analyzing block placement errors in SADP patterning [9779-62]

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Tokyo Electron

Award presented at the 2017 Optical Microlithography Conference

The 2016 Best Student Award in Microlithography

was presented to Andrew Brubine, Bruce W. Smith, Rochester Institute of Technology (USA); John Sturtevant, David Fryer, Mentor Graphics Corp. (USA)

for their presentation Bayesian inference for OPC modeling [9780-17]

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  Cymer ASML


The 2017 Fritz Zernike Award for Microlithography

The Frits Zernike Award for Microlithography is given annually for outstanding accomplishments in microlithographic technology, especially those furthering the development of semiconductor lithographic imaging solutions.

Donis Flagello, Nikon Research Corp. of America (USA) was presented the 2017 Zernike Award in recognition of his work in the understanding and improvement of image formation in lithography for semiconductor manufacturing.  

The Special Contribution Award to the Art and Science of Lithography

was presented to

Dr. Burn J. Lin, National Tsing Hua Univ. (Taiwan)
In recognition of his significant contributions to Optical Microlithography and the Advanced Lithography community. We would like to thank Dr. Lin for serving as the first Chair of the Optical Microlithography Conference in 1988, which is celebrating its 30th year.

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